How to use a Glass on Glass Bong!

Hello there, and welcome to the club. If you are reading this blog, you may be new the smoking world. There is no shame in not quite knowing how to properly smoke out of a bong, it can seem intimidating sometimes! We will be giving some great visual examples of exactly how you are supposed to smoke out of your brand new bong. 

To start us off, let's talk a little about the difference between a bong, bubbler and hand pipe. Gotta know what you're working with! 

Bongs tend to have a longer neck for smoke travel, depending on the piece there will be plenty of percolation; meaning the smoke will filter through and make for a smoother inhale! Bongs are a stoner's best friend, they come in lots of shapes and sizes too! Bubble bottom, straight, and beaker. The most important factor of a bong is water. You want to make sure you have the right water level for smoking, we will give examples of this too! 

Jp Killman brotherswithglass

Bubblers are pretty similar to bongs. Although they come in much smaller, hand held sizes, they offer function and water filtration as well! These little guys are great for traveling and just a nice easy piece to have at home in your collection. A fan favorite is the Monsoon Spubbler, it is spill proof and has great percolation!

Monsoon Spubbler

Dry hand pipes can be an acquired preference, for some it's the perfect way to get high, for others its the way to cough your lungs out! It all depends on your lungs, and tolerance. If you go for a dry hand pipe, we recommend you try something with a longer stem so that the smoke can cool down a bit before reaching you! Like these Starfish Designs Gandalf hand pipes!

Now, lets get into the ins and outs of how to smoke out a bong! Here is the piece we will be using as an example today. A gorgeous HVY color cane double bubble bong.


This is a great piece to add plenty of water to, its also a comfortable piece to hold, rounded and smooth on the bottom. Not too big for those with smaller hands! The colors are some very earthy tones, perfect for nature lovers!

The first step is to load the bowl with your preferred strain/amount of weed. A smaller pinch is a good place to start, it will make it a much more manageable hit. Especially if you just started smoking! 

Start by bringing your mouth to the mouthpiece of the bong. Make sure your lips are on the inner part of the piece so that the smoke wont escape when you inhale. 

Time to light up! Bring your lighter to the edge of the slide, if you bring it too close it will be quite a bit hotter when you inhale.

In the picture the flame is leaning to the left, once you inhale it will snap to the right and light up the weed. Hold the flame until you see that white cloud forming. Depending on how much smoke you want, a few seconds will be plenty! A good start is to only light half or a quarter of the bowl, this can take some practice though.


Once you've starting inhaling and feel like you have enough smoke, pull the slide out of the joint. This will stop the weed from heating up and allow all the smoke to empty from the bong. Make sure to watch how much the bong is filling with smoke, it can be hard to tell but 


At this point you will start to pull away from the mouthpiece and exhale the smoke. Sometimes there will still be a small amount of less concentrated smoke left over in the neck, make sure to clear this before it gets stale! If you need a minute before doing so, it helps to cover the mouthpiece and bowl to keep oxygen from getting in. 

 Everyone develops preferences with smoking, as you continue you'll find what works best for you! Hopefully this helped ya get started.

Thanks friends, happy smoking! 

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