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Fumed Grenade 18mm 45 Degree Ash Catcher

$70.00 $45.00

Size: 4.6" (Tall) x 3" (Wide at handle) x 3.5" (Wide at Joint)Joint: 18mm Male 45 DegreePush Bowl DesignMade in China
Mathematix Glass 45 Degree Diffused Ash Catcher


Height: 3.00 in TallBase: 1.50 in Downstem: Gritted Fixed Artist: Mathematix Glass Made in California
Pulsar Glass 5 Arm Tree Ash Catcher


This ash catcher has one function.. Catch ash before is gets a chance to dirty your bong or bubbler and it preforms with flying colors!  Height: 4.75"Angle: 45 DegreePipe Joint: 14mmSlide Joint: 14mmPerc: 5 Arm TreeMade In China

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