Chameleon Glass Fumed Typhoon Sherlock Centrifugal Filter Bubbler

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The Typhoon Sherlock Bubbler Centrifugal Filter Glass Water Pipe is a double filtered pipe. Water filtration occurs first as smoke is drawn through the bubblers reservoir to eliminate water-soluble toxins.  Dry filtration to eliminate air borne particles then occurs as the smoke is drawn through the specially engineered air directors on each side of the bubblers neck. The directors cause the smoke and air mixture to vortex inside each Typhoon chamber. As the smoke spins within each chamber of the Typhoon Sherlock Bubbler Centrifugal Filter Glass Water Pipe, you will be delighted by several features.

  1. Water Filtration cleans and humidifies the smoke
  2. An awesome swirling smoke show in the neck of the bubbler
  3. An extra cool smoke: the distance traveled by the smoke and air mixture travels three times further in it’s looping circular path versus a straight path in a normal pipe.
  4. A “softer” smoke as centrifugal force spins & deposits combusted resin and ash to stick inside against the glass, while simultaneously adding ambient air through the directors. Keeps the resin inside the glass instead of inside you!

Height: 8.00" 
Base: 2.50" 
Perc: Fixed Downstem
Push-Bowl Style 

Artist: Chameleon Glass
Made in Arizona

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