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The Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro+ is a portable 510-thread concentrate vaporizer that sports Dr. Greenthumb’s green and gold colorway. The vaporizer features G Pen’s cartridge recognition technology, which recognizes both G Pen’s proprietary concentrate cartridges and traditional 510-thread cartridges. The mouthpiece is made from food-grade silicone and features a separate dual-channel airflow for maximum insulation and cooling. For optimal flavor profiles, the airparth included a quartz liner for flavorful vapor draws, and a ceramic plate heater for even heat application of your concentrates.

Start by removing the Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro+ mouthpiece, grab your cartridge and screw the tank into the battery. Then, load the cartridge with your concentrate of choice. Reattach the mouthpiece onto the battery and press the power button five times to turn on the vaporizer. Lastly, press and hold the button once the battery is on and draw.

The Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro+ gives you the option to choose between three temperature settings: low (2.5V), medium (2.75V), and high (3.0V). To power on the cartridge vaporizer:

Press the power button five times
Press the button three times to toggle between heat/voltage output
Once the vaporizer reaches your preferred temp, it’ll vibrate. The Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro+ also has manual and automatic heating modes. To activate manual heating mode, hold down the power button to activate the manual heating mode. To activate automatic heating mode, press the button twice to activate automatic heating.

Powering the Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro+ portable vaporizer is a rechargeable 850 mAh Li-ion battery. It can be fully charged in 90 minutes via USB-C charging.

1x Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer
1x Hemp Travel Case
1x USB To USB-C Charging Cable

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