Chameleon Glass Made in Arizona they have been making hand pipes longer than anyone!
Liberty 503 Made right here in Portland they are known for their intricate sandblasted designs.
Bowls and Slides From simple clear to heady worked we've got bowls and slides for your water pipe in stock.
Downstems & Diffusers Replacement (or extra) downstems for water pipes in various lengths and joint sizes for any tube.
Glass Domes Domes to contain the vapor from your nail and channel it into your pipe. From clear to colorful we've got 'em!
Vapor Curves Also called "skillets" or "Ti pads" these convenient attachments are great for converting your existing water pipe setup to a concentrate ready apparatus.
Concentrate Tools Dabbers are glass or metal tools used to serve concentrates directly to a hot vapor nail. We have dabber styles suit every texture of concentrate.
Concentrate Nails Domed and domeless concentrate nails made from titanium, quartz, and ceramic by trusted brands like Highly Educated, Ti Power, Black Market Glass, and more.
Electronic Nails The next generation of concentrate vaporization - perfect hits every time without a torch. Only the best e-nails for the value make the cut for our store.
Handheld Torches Every nail needs heat! Butane powered torches provide the perfect way to heat up a nail for concentrates.
Lighter Alternatives Hempwick, herb irons, magnifying glasses, and other ways to spark your bowl without using a lighter.
Herb Grinders Two, three, and four piece grinders in various sizes and colors plus clear tops! We've got what you need to grind your w***!
Rolling Papers Raw hemp, flavored, cones, wired, and more styles of papers for whatever you need to roll up.
Storage Containers Stash safes, glass jars, and stash jars that hide in plain sight. Non stick silicone containers for concentrates too. These and more styles are just a click away.
Trays & Mats Classy, convenient ways to keep your accessories organized or protect your rig from hard surfaces. Wooden trays by KindTray and silicone mats just to name a few.
Dugouts & One-Hitters All in one containers with a pipe and stash container that fits in your pocket. Some even have an integrated grinder!
Pipe Cases Ways to protect your glass from bumps and shock during travel. Also to reduce smell when you stash it in your closet ;)
Pipe Screens They help keep your pipe clean and are made from glass, ceramic, or titanium. We've got plenty of pipe screens!
Weighing Scales Need to know how much you've got? Want to know how much your fork weighs? You can do that with one of these.
Cleaning Supplies Soakers, shakers, scrapers, brushes and more to get your pipes clean as a whistle.
Air Filters & Sprays Filters from Smoke Buddy to prevent stink, sprays to cover it up. Whatever you need to mask odors we can help!