A few short months ago we added a third part review service to our website. This was a very important feature to add as we felt it would give us feedback from our customers about how were are doing and help us continue to improve their shopping experience. Since implementing this service we have gotten over 500 reviews from happy satisfied customers and some with some very helpful suggestions which we are grateful for! Here are a few of the reviews we have received so far!

“This is a fantastic purchase for the money, The straight tube is amazing and really powers super milky smooth hits right to the user. The bowl that comes with the pipe is enormous, and you’ll want to get some glass screens for it. This is my first water pipe with a natural perc and I have got to say I love it, honestly not having a downstem is nice because this piece is just that much easier to clean. The craftsmanship and glass are top notch here. It is light but feels sturdy. I very much love it. Took 3 working days to get to east coast. Will be buying from BWG again.” – Sam B. (05/19/2015)

“Bwg is Best online shop I’v found so far, the site is easy to navigate and the service is great, I received my package in about 3 days which was awesome because last time I ordered from another site and it took almost a month to receive my products” – Christopher D. (05/17/2015)

“This is by far my favorite piece in existence. I hate using a lot of tobacco and usually use my cigarette style one hitter for when I want to conserve. This steamroller has slightly smaller bowl for tobacco than other hand pipes but my god does it make the best out of whats in there. Each pack gets a solid three big hits but can go as far as 10 with a group. This product as of 3/11 is also out of stock everywhere except here and at this price is too good. My friend spent 50 at his local shop for the same piece. The shipping was fast and customer service kicks ass BWG is my new shop!” – John M. (03/11/15)

“Wow!!! Why would anyone shop anywhere else?! My order arived in NC three days after placing the order, the products exceeded my expectations. The fire and ice water pipe is made from heavy duty glass and the quality of the pipe is unparalleled, not the the cheap knock-off products produced in China. This water pipe is highly functional AND it’s stylish, not often you can get those two things in the same product. I have book marked your web-site as my “go to” for any future purchases. Stop thinking about it and just place your order…you won’t be sorry.” – Edward A. (01/13/2015)

“I ordered a Black Market Glass Classic Small Bubble Bottom (pretty sure I got the last one!) and oh my goodness! Not only did I get it two days later (didn’t even opt for faster shipping!!) but they also gave me some hemp wick! Whoa! This is definitely the BEST experience I’ve had with buying this sort of stuff online. This is definetely my go to now, and I will recommend to anyone looking for a good place to buy glass.” – Jasmyne J. (01/10/2015)

“I love BWG! Every order has made it to me quickly and safely. When i changed my shipping address, they called me before shipping to make sure it was actually me, and not a thief. I recently E-mailed them about a piece that i want but they do not have. Most places i have found it are $269 to $300, BWG E-mails me back saying they could have it shortly, for $250! Not to mention free shipping over $100 and a freebee gift after $35…. It’s where I buy my Glass. Thank you BWG.” – Michel M. (12/22/14)

These are just a few of the many reviews we have on our online headshop. You can find even more reviews by stopping by our review page and see what everyone else had said about their shopping experience with Brothers with Glass

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