Discreet Billing and Shipping

One of our top priorities is protecting your privacy. At Brothers With Glass we take great pride in ensuring your personal privacy is 100% protected during the entire process. Here is how we do it.

Discreet Shipping

All orders are shipped in regular white or brown shipping boxes and contain no indication as to the contents. We use crush proof boxes that are unbranded or un marked with any kind of logo.  Each box has a shipping label that has a return shipping address that will read "BWG" to ensure your total privacy. We understand first hand that privacy is very import to all different kinds of people. Therefore we take great pride in taking all measures to ensure your purchase is completely private. We also ensure all our shipments receive the correct amount of tape to ensure they cannot be opened with clearly cutting tape. 


Discreet Billing

What you buy is your business and not that of anyone else's. To again help keep your online transactions private your bill will read "Organic Kulture LLC" instead of Brothers with Glass. We do this to ensure your charge does not reflect what you purchased in any way. After all discreet billing from an online headshop is an absolute must.  Our phone number will be listed on the billing statement should you have any questions about your charge. 

Making a Purchase

We are proud to use only the best methods of protection of your data. It starts with encryption on our web pages. Each time a page is sent all of your info is encrypted to prevent anyone of seeing. Our shopping cart also uses a SSL (secure socket layer) during the entire checkout process. Our website is certified level 1 PCI DSS compliant, this is the highest level of security certification a website can have. This certification signifies our compliance with standards for credit card security policies and technologies.  

Shop Bongs

Our online headshop is fully stocked with hundreds of American made bongs that fit anyone's budget, style or smoking needs.  We carry some of the top brands in the industry like HVY Glass, ZOB Glass, Chameleon Glass and Treehouse Glass just to name a few. We pride ourselves in ensuring that you not only get a good deal on your next bong but you get a great product that supports american companies and artist. If you are looking for a new water pipe check out our selection we are sure you will find something you cant live without! Please feel free to contact us with any questions! 

Shop Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs changed the glass game a few years ago and its been an amazing ride watching all the really cool and inventive creations that have come about. Not to mention this mixed with heady art dab rigs have quickly become a very popular item to have as a part of your glass collection. We offer free shipping on all orders over $100 so if you find a rig or bubbler that is over $100 shipping is on us! We know that everyone has very different types of rigs they like to use so we do our best to offer a ever changing selection of concentrate pipes that offer something for everyone.

Shop Hand Pipes

When we started this online headshop back in 2010 we set out to have the biggest hand pipe selection online. Within two years we achieved that goal and have had the biggest selection of hand pipes online since then. We love finding new artist and getting the best deal to ensure you are getting a smoking deal! We travel all over the US going to trade shows to inspect glass first hand to ensure its quality and to meet the artist in person. We have been attending Champs and AGE trade shows for years and BWG is glad to be a part of this glass family!  

Customer Testimonials

I admit to getting so excited when I'm expecting arrival of my BWG order! (It reminds me of when I was a kid waiting on Christmas!!) and...this order fulfilled all of my dreams. I am about to order another one for a family member. Thank you BWG for sending this order my way..... perfect...this thing is perfect.

Vicky, North Carolina

Always awesome...I have used BWG a handful of times. Always impressed by the quality and I have always received what I ordered.. On my most recent order they were out of the color that I chose. They emailed me right away and offered me a few options. I chose a different color piece and they sent it out the same day. I will definitely use again. Also the prices I have found to be very fair. Plus they always send cards with discounts on future purchases and free goodies!

Zach, Oregon

I'm a huge fan of this site. It makes shopping for friends and family very easy with the huge selection, awesome customer service and great prices. Just placed my 4th order with many more to come. Everything I have ordered always comes packed safely. I couldn't ask for anything else.

Travis, Texas