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Chameleon Glass Abraxas The Dragon Steamroller Hand Pipe - Natural Red

$75.89 $68.30

This dragon pipe, by Chameleon Glass, will spark your imagination. The dragons head is sculpted in amazing detail with plenty of blue accents and the salmon colored "flesh" is a real stand out point. This is a great pipe to have on hand for all of you board game players!Size: 4.5...
Chameleon Glass Fumed Dragon Head Hand Pipe - Blue

$38.99 $35.09

Chameleon Glass Fumed Dragon Head Hand Pipe - Blue5.00" (long) x 2.00" (wide) x 2.50" (height) Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Redding Dragon Steamroller Hand Pipe

$57.98 $52.18

Enjoy a nice break with this colorful dragon steamroller. Thanks to Chameleon Glass its made thick and dependable for your comfort. Size: 5.50 in (long) x 1.50 in (wide) Artist: Chameleon Glass Made in Arizona

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