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DabVac Deluxe Replacement Kit by Headdies


Comes With:New Thick Quartz WandSurgical Grade Latex Tube
DabVac Deluxe Kit by Headdies - 14mm Female


The DabVac Deluxe is a premium water pipe adapter that is for use with your favorite concentrates. The Deluxe is the upgraded Reclaim Edition to the original.The DabVac Deluxe is made in America and features surgical grade latex tubing and Headdies signature 22 karat gold labels. Each DabVac Deluxe comes...
DabVac by Headdies Vapor Adapter Kit - 18mm Male


DabVac by Headdies Vapor Adapter Kit - 18mm Male
Headdies 10 In Beaker Bottom Bong


Another company out of California who makes  very solid Beaker Bong that we can all enjoy! Height: 10.5 "Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mmIce Pinch: 3 Point Artist: HeaddiesMade In California

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