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Goo Roo Designs Blue Beaker Dab Rig

$190.00 $180.50

Height: 8.50"Dish/Base: 2.50"Joint: 10/14mm removable downstemPerc: Multi hole pokeGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist: Goo Roo GlassMade in Oregon
Goo Roo Designs Tiny Blue Beaker Dab Rig


This little beaker is a perfect starter rig or something you can use on the go. Nice thick beaker that has a 10/14mm removable downstem for easy cleaning and a 10mm banger included. Made right here in Oregon!Height: 6.50"Base: 2.50"Joint: 10/14mm removable downstemQuartz banger NOT included Perc: Multi hole pokeGlass Thickness:...
Liberty 503 Glass Sandblasted Paisley Mini Beaker Dab Rig

$475.00 $450.00

This mini tube features an awesome Geometric pattern that is over a nice contrasting yellow to the glossy red in this little jammer. Comes with a removable downstem that sits nicely in the 45 degree joint for a rumbling chug to this rig! Height: 5.5"Base: 3.25"Joint: 10mm 45 DegreePerc: Fixed...
Liberty 503 Glass Sandblasted Seed of Life Mini Beaker Dab Rig

$500.00 $475.00

A shredding mini beaker that has a classic theme to accent the contrast of Canary Yellow and Clear in this little beauty! The Encalmo sections really bring this beaker to life and show the skill level of the artists that Liberty 503 has in their studio!  Height: 5"Base: 3"Joint: 10mm 45 DegreePerc: Fixed 2...
Liberty 503 Glass x Oblivious Glass Sandblasted Deep Carve Tube Dab Rig

$1,800.00 $1,530.00

If you're not familiar with the artist Oblivious Glass and his intricate disc flip work, here is one-of-a-kind display that will definitely have you wondering how this is even achieved! Disc flipping is a very hard technique that takes years and years of practice to barely be good at. The appreciation behind...
Phern Glass Clay Sculpted Mini 38mm Ratchet Bubbler


Hand sculpted in Oregon and is UV reactive! Height: 7.25" Base: 2.75" Joint: 10mmSlide: 10mm Perc: RachetGlass Thickness: 5mm x 38mm Artist: C2 Custom CreationsMade in California - Clayed in Oregon
Postal Glass Mini Old School Bubble Bottom Rig

$200.00 $175.00

This awesome postal rig was made by using prep from another artist and Postal made it into this classic old school fumed bubble bottom rig. It features a Rasta fist Millie on the back and a 10mm joint. Great to have in your pocket during a hike or in the...

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