• Where was your Bong, Bubbler, Dab Rig or Hand Pipe Made? Find out here! - The China Glass List

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    Curious who really made your glass? What country it was really made in? Here is a list of companies that are known to import china made glass or have not been able to prove that they manufacture glass in the USA or openly admit to being imported.

    The below companies failed to provide shop pictures and or videos of them making the actual products they sell as being made in the USA.


    Claim to be made in USA:

    Bio Hazard
    Honey Supply Glass
    Diamond Glass
    Glass lab 303
    American Revolution Glassworks
    Illuminati Glass
    Dabbin Aladdin
    Cream Glass
    Alien Flower Company
    Black Leaf

    Admit to being imported:

    Grav Labs
    Monarch Glass
    Beta Glass Labs
    Sesh Supply
    Killa Glass
    Cheech and Chong 
    MAV Glass
    Blaze Glass
    Snoop Dogg Pounds
    Weed Star

    List updated: 7/20/2017

    Please email us if there is a brand of glass you were curious about and we will add them to the list if need be. 

    The above brands or arist either openly admit their glass is manufactured in China or they have not been able to prove that they have a studio by posting public picture of their shop that proved there are indeed manufacturing glass in the USA.

    We also recommend you follow @whoreallymademyglass on Instagram, they have been a good resource for getting the the truth. You can also follow @boromojoglass as he is on a one made crusade to out companies selling glass dishonestly. 

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  • New Product Alert! - Pickle Rick Pipes from Rick and Morty!

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    We are huge fans of Rick and Morty here at BWG and are always looking for fun ways to incorporate them into glass. While watching the preview for the upcoming season three we noticed that Rick at some point gets turned into a pickle. We thought about the pickle hand pipe that Chameleon has been making for many years. We immediately contacted Chameleon Glass and worked with them to design the first ever pickle rick hand pipe! Cody from Chameleon did an amazing job on the prototype you see in the picture below. The face is just perfect and you can also most hear Rick screaming I'M PICKLE RICKKKKKK!


    Pickle Rick Pipe by Brothers with Glass

    If you are a fan of this show you are going to need this pipe in hand before episode three hits, which is when Pickle Rick will be making his first appearance. I also noticed that Pickle Rick was in some kind of battle later on in the season so he may make more than one appearance!  We will soon have pendants that will match the pipe for those who want a set or just need a pick rick dangling from their neck haha! 

    Get your own Pickle Rick Pipe today! 


    Also incase you missed it check out the preview for the new season!!



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  • Carb Caps, Directional Carb Caps, Bubble Caps the evolution of the flavor saver.

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    Carb caps were first commercially released in 2013. They were used on both Titanium and Quartz dab nails. The main function of a carb cab is to provide the smoker with a low temperature dabbing experience. Most carb caps have restricted air flow through them. By taking a low temp dab with a carb cap you will experience a much more flavorful extract dab.  Since 2013 the evolution of caps has progressed greatly. When originally released the main purpose was to greatly reduce the airflow going pass through the nail. Holes for airflow quickly followed and were added to most designs. 

    In 2017 Titanium nails have become much less popular and Quartz has taken a dominating stance in dabbing culture and is becoming the prefered method of most dabbers. Directional carb caps have become much more popular as well. Be allowing direction airflow into the cup of the nail you can swirl your dab around and ensure you can take a lower temp dab and still vap off most of the dab without wasting to much.  

    Group of Carb Caps

    Most nails made of quartz can use a traditional carb cap and direction cap while some more unique designs like the thermal wall design created by Pukin Beagle work better with a bubble cap that is another form of direction cap. 

    Below are some of the more common types of carb caps on the market today. 

    Standard Ti Carb Cap:

     Titanium Carb Cap

    Standard Glass Carb Cap:

    Standard Carb Cap

    Bubble Caps:

    Bubble Cap Carb Cap

    Directional Carb Cap:

    Directional Carb Cap


    Also here is a video of us harvesting a carb cap in our garden.... Only in Oregon :)



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  • Florida Governor signs Medical Marijuana Legislation, Amendment two

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    Florida Medical Marijuana

    Florida has been a battleground Medical Marijuana for some time but today Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into legislation the medical marijuana amendment voters approved in 2016 by more than 71% of voters.

    "Today should be a striking reminder of the power of each and every person's vote. The people of Florida spoke loudly in November and the Legislature and the Governor have responded," said Taylor Patrick Biehl, a member of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida a group that has been working towards this for years. 

    Amendment two sets forth details for 10 more medical marijuana treatment centers by Oct. 3 of this year. This is in addition to the seven already operating. One downside to this bill is smoking is still banned under the new amendment. However John Morgan is expected to file suit over this issue in Leon County Circuit Court.  

    Medical marijuana products can be sold as tinctures, oils, edibles, sprays  or vaping. Patients may receive an order for three 70-day supplies before having to visit a doctor again to get re-examined.

    All in all this seems like a pretty restricted law and will need lots of work in order for it to properly function for Florida residents. 


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  • Pumpkin Bongs and Dab Rigs A How To Guide

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    Pumpkin Bong and Dab Rig

    Its that time of year again when pumpkins invade our lives for a couple months. All the regular corporate chains flood us with all kinds of cheap "pumpkin" products! We wanted to add something that would be fun and free to the mix! If you are looking to make a Pumpkin Bong or Dab Rig then check out a guide below.



    Step 1

    Find a pumpkin, duh! Actually we found that this was the hardest part as most pumpkins are that typical a round shape which works great for making scary faces but not so much for a Pumpkin Bubbler. Examine your pumpkin and make sure it will have room for a downstem and mouthpiece. Pay attention to the angle this is more important if you are making a dab rig. It's important to hold it up to your face to make sure you will be able to see your bowl or nail. 

    Things to consider: 

    Where are you gonna smoke from your pumpkin pipe, on the go, only at home?  

    Do you already have a downstem you can use? If so pre-measure it before you go get your pumpkin so you make sure you downstem will work with your Pumpkin Bong creation. 



    Step 2

    Clean out your pumpkin. It's important to make sure your pumpkin has all the stringy insides taken out as they could clog your downstem. We also recommend flushing the pumpin out with water on the inside, this helps clean out the small amount of debris. Dont forget to think about mouthpiece placement before you cut the whole on the top of the pumpkin.

    Things to consider: 

    Using a marker plan out your cuts before hand is worth the extra step to make sure that placement of downstem and mouthpiece are in the right spot. 

    Step 3

    Installing the downstem and mouthpiece. This can be done several different ways. We used mouthpeace brand silicone mouthpieces for ours and they worked great. You can also just put a simple hole toward the top of the pumpkin. When installing the downstem make sure to carve out the lower portion of the whole at a 45 deg angle to ensure you downstem points down and the grits or whole pokes are at the lowest point of the bottom of the pumpkin. This will also help with splashback.

    Things to consider: 


    We found that when you make your mouthpiece from the stem it helps a lot with splash back. 

    Step 4

    Add water and enjoy! Congrats you just make your own pumpkin bong or dab rig, now go enjoy the reward! For those asking how they function we were plenty surprised by both the taste and function. We made two separate styles for this article and they both gave earthly fresh taste when pulling on them before smoking. They did not seem to change the flavor of the smoking experience at all. If you need a downstem, slide or mouthpeace we have a few different sizes in stock and all orders ship the same day when placed by 10am PST. 

    Pumpkin Bong Dab Rig Bubbler

    Be the coolest one at your halloween party and show up in style this year with a Pumpkin Bong or Dab Rig. 

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