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Chameleon Glass Inline to Reynolds Perc E Nail Dab Rig

$299.99 $270.00

There are many that claim ‘ok to use with e-nail’, however, the E Nail Glass Water Pipe featuring Reynolds Percolator by McCoy Oilers is a start to finish design for use with an e-nail. This rig features a two stage water filtration design utilizing our innovative Reynolds Percolator. The connections...
Chameleon Glass McCoy Oil Can Inline Perc Dab rig


This is a classy series of concentrate water pipes from Chameleon Glass. This rig features a Inline Perc that has proven to be a popular perc for concentrate vapor rigs. This rig has a perfect amount of diffusion with no splashback. The glass is thick and feels nice in your...
Chameleon Glass Oil Can Stump Showerhead Dab Rig


Height: 9.50 inDish: 3.00 inDownstem: FixedPerc: Inverted ShowerheadJoint: 14mm MaleIce Pinches: NoGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Smaug Dragon Dab Rig

$300.00 $199.99

Chameleon Glass Smaug Dragon 14mm Water Pipe Height: 8.00”Downstem: FixedJoint: 14mm FemaleMale Bowl: 14mm IncludedNail: 14mm Included Artist Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Dab Rig


Height: 12.50"Base: 5.00"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mmPerc: TurbinePerc 2: HoneycombPerc 3: TurbineIce Pinches: YesGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist: PoundsMade in China
Treehouse Glass Reverse Circ Perc Dab Rig

$290.00 $250.00

Height: 13.00"Base: 3.50"Joint: 14mm Perc: Reverse CircDome: 14mmGlass Thickness: 5mm Artist: Treehouse GlassMade in Colorado

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