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EA Glass Klein Recycler With Opal Dab Rig

$350.00 $299.00

Height: 7.50"Base: 5"Joint: 14mmPerc: 2 hole to single uptake recyclerArtist: EA GlassMade in Oregon
EA Glass Puppy Pilot Disc Flip Recycler Dab Rig

$375.00 $360.00

Height: 10.50"Base: 4.25"Joint: 14mmPerc: Fixed Diffused DownstemArtist: EA GlassMade in Oregon
Empire Glassworks Heady CFL And UV Rain Forest Recycler Dab Rig

$840.00 $750.00

This empire rig is special because they don't make these for everyone. This rare empire rig features tons of UV and CFL reactive glass throughout the pipe. It has a bunch of different mushrooms, flowers, and insects attached inside and out of the pipe! This pipe also comes with a UV...
Zob Glass 14mm Mini Zobello Recycler Dab Rig


A perfect sized and functioning recycler that throws the water around but holds it in place while draining back into itself! Due to the unique handcrafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos but there will be slight artistic...

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