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Glowfly Glass 16 In Disc To Tree Bent Neck Bong

$170.00 $153.00

A heavy hitter that absolutely shreds the bubbles and then diffuses the smoke before it can cool off with ice and fill into your lungs for a very smooth hit.  Height: 16.00"Base: 5.25"Joint: 14mmSlide: 14mmPerc: Disc Perc 2: TreeIce pinches: YesGlass thickness: 5mmArtist: Glowfly GlassMade in Arizona
Goo Roo Designs Straight Ashcatcher To Disc Water Pipe

$150.00 $135.00

Height: 17.50"Base: 4.00"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mmPerc: Multi hole poke downstemPerc 2: DiscArtist: Goo Roo DesignsMade in OregonDimensions may vary slightly
Grav Labs Stax Disc With Flared Base Water Pipe

$150.00 $135.00

Height: 7.00"Joints: 14mmSlide: 14mmPerc: DiscArtist: Grav LabsMade in China
HVY Glass 16 In Stemless Disc to UFO Perc Water Pipe

$450.00 $405.00

Height: 16.00 In. TallBottom Base Diameter: 5.00 In.Joint: 18mmPerc 1: UFO PercPerc 2: Multi Hole DiscSlide: 18mm thick snapperSplash Guard Bell Dome Artist: HVY Glass Made in California
Mathematix Glass Headphone Perc Water Pipe

$300.00 $270.00

Height: 11.00 " Base: 3.50 " Joint: 14mmSlide: 14mm Perc: Headphone discsGlass Thickness: 5mm Artist: Mathematix GlassMade in California
Mathematix Glass Spray Can Bong with Red Drips

$300.00 $270.00

Height: 9.00 "  Base: 2.50 "  Joint: 14mm Slide: 14mm  Perc: Trypophobia Glass Thickness: 5mm Artist: Mathematix GlassMade in California
Nebula Glass Bent Neck Disc Perc Water Pipe

$90.00 $81.00

This pipe is a nice compact pipe that would work great as a bong or dab rig. The feature a cool color wrap on the can and a 5 hole disc perc. Finished off with a 14mm joint and a nice solid mouthpiece. Comes in a variety of colors!Height: 10.50"Base:...

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