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Silicone Glass 14 In Straight Bong


Height: 14.00"Base: 4.25"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mm (Style will vary) Perc: Diffused DownstemRemovable ice catcherBase will suction to almost any flat surfaceMade in China
No Label Glass Foldable Travel Silicone Bong


Height: 7.75"Base: 1.75"Slide: 9mm Alloy Ejectable bowlPerc: Diffused Downstem Artist: No Label GlassMade in China
Pulsar Glass RIP Silicone Bent Neck Dab Rig


The Pulsar RIP (Rugged Indestructible water Pipe), is constructed from 100 percent platinum-cured, medical-grade, silicone. This strong but flexible material allows your customers to pack, carry, and transport this rig nearly anywhere without fear of it breaking. These pipes feature bright colors; 2-piece, easy-clean design; and strong suction cup bases...
Pulsar Glass RIP Silicone Straight Bong


The Pulsar RIP Silicone Beaker stands 12" and features platinum-cured, medical grade silicone and a permanent silicone ice catch. The pipe comes as a kit that includes a removable 14mm diffused glass down stem and a 14mm male glass herb slideHeight: 12.00"Base: 3.50"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mm (Style will vary) Perc: Diffused...
Silicone Sherlock Bubbler


The Silicone Bubbler Pipe stands 5.25" and features a 14-to-10mm diffused downstem, glass bowl, and premium silicone body in assorted swirl colorsHeight: 5.25"Base: 1.50"Joint: 14mmSlide: 10mm (Style will vary) Perc: Diffused DownstemMade in China
Waxmaid Bent Neck Beaker Bong


Height: 6.75"Base: 2.75"Slide: 14mmPerc: Fixed single hole silicone downstemMade in China
No Label Glass Silicone Pokeball Bubbler


Silicone body with Glass mouthpiece, Side and downstem. Also has a suction cup bottom. Height: 8"Base: 4"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mm Artist: No Label GlassMade In China
No Label Glass Silicone Bent Neck Bong


Height: 8.50"Base: 3.75"Slide: 14mmPerc: Silicone diffused downstem65mm can size Artist: No Label GlassMade in China

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