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C2 Custom Creations 65mm Ratchet Bubbler Bong


"Due to the handmade nature of this item, the logo color and placement may vary from what's shown in the photo." Height: 10.00 " Base: 4.00 " Joint: 14mmSlide: 14mm Perc: RachetGlass Thickness: 5mm x 65mm Artist: C2 Custom CreationsMade in California
C2 Custom Creations x Liberty 503 Glass Sandblasted Deep Carve Fixed Beaker Bong - Sasquatch

$840.00 $720.00

Another masterpiece collaboration between Liberty and C2! This fixed beaker design is an absolute shredder and has been paired with beautiful colors and the artistic touch of Liberty 503 designs and sandblasting!  Height: 9.50"Base: 3.50"Joint: 14mmPerc: Fixed 2 Slit Diffy Artist: C2 Custom Creations and Liberty 503Made in California, Sandblasted in Oregon
Chameleon Glass Monsoon Spill Proof Spubbler Dab Rig

$127.58 $114.83

Size: 6.00" (Tall) x 2.50" (Wide) Artist: Chameleon Glass Made in Arizona
Goo Roo Designs 14mm Ashcatcher Bubbler Bong

from $65.95

Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos but there will be slight artistic variations. These pipe are available with the 14mm screened goo roo slide.Height: ~8.00"Dish/Base: ~2.00"Joint: 14mmPerc: Multi hole pokeIce Pinches: NoGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist:...
Goo Roo Designs Chubbler Nectar Collector Dab Rig


A clever play on words that combines a chubby and bubbler this spill proof nectar collector dab rig bubbler all into one pipe that is a great option for those who want to bring pipe on a hike with the refreshing water filter we all love! *Has a removable mouth...
HVY Glass Mini Bent Neck Bubbler Water Pipe - Clear


Height: 8.00 " Base: 3.00 " Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mm Perc: Gridded downstemGlass Thickness: 5mm Artist: HVY GlassMade in California
Leisure Glass 16 Arm Tree Perc Bubbler


Awesome hollow foot 16 arm tree bubbler by leisure glass has great diffusion in a classic bubbler style. Features an 18mm joint and comes with a screened bowl to keep your pipe cleaner. Label color may vary. Height: 9.00"Base: 4.50"Joint: 18mmSlide: 18mm screened bowlPerc: 16 arm treeArtist: Leisure glassMade in California
Special K Soft Glass UV Reactive Pear Bubbler


This is a very unique one of a kind bong from this artist!  *Do not Rinse these out with Hot Water. Only use warm water when rinsing out this bong. Soft Glass has a higher Coefficiency than Borosilicate glass and will thermal shock easier!  Height: 10.25"Base: 3.75"Perc: 14/18mm Removable Diffused...

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