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Psylent Glass Banger Hanger Carb Cap - Blue and Amber Bent Neck

$30.00 $19.95

Carb Cap fits most quartz and domeless nailsArtist: Psylent GlassMade in Oregon
Psylent Glass Chaos Pedant

from $30.00

Pendants that are wisped and dripped out with beautiful striking colors that love to dance with the light. Size: 2.5-3 " Artist: Psylent GlassMade in California
Psylent Glass Single Drip Amber Honeycomb Pendant


2.75 (long) x 1.25 (wide)Artist: Psylent GlassMade in Oregon
Psylent Glass Triple Drip Pendant


2.75 (long) x 1.50 (wide)Artist: Psylent GlassMade in Oregon

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