The story of Brothers with Glass begins in early 2010 when two brothers, Jake and Jesse got together to open a glass shop after experiencing a few bad online purchases. A couple years into it, Jesse left BWG to start his own new adventures. Since then, Brothers with Glass has been ran by Jake and his amazing team of glass collectors that together turned Brothers with Glass into one of the most respected and trusted names to find quality American made glass from all over the country!

Brothers with Glass
16055 SW Walker Rd 171
Beaverton, Oregon

*Not a retail store location

Our headquarters is located in Beaverton Oregon and ran by a family of glass collectors some of our team includes; Jake, Phern, Alex and Mike. Combining our passion for glass collecting, offering a better solution to online sales and just loving being in this culture in general Brothers with Glass was formed. BWG quickly grew to what we are today one of the premier online glass retailers making a name for ourselves as a trustworthy place to buy glass! We continue to grow and expand our shop and the products we offer.

Brothers with Glass was started with a few goals in mind to become America's most trusted online headshop. To do this we only offer amazing glass for the lowest price on the internet, quality test the products we sell, offer an industry leading return policy and back it all up with a lifetime of outstanding customer service and support. Since then we have grown to offer over 80 different brand names and highly sought after glass artist and a growing selection of smoking accessories and Vaporizers.

Recently there has been a growing influx of new products in this industry, some really amazing and some not so much. Brothers with Glass prides itself in testing nearly every new product we sell to ensure it works right and is a quality product. This is just another way we ensure that we are selling you a quality product. We want to earn your trust for only selling what you will enjoy and offer a hassle free return policy so you can shop with confidence knowing if you don't like what you ordered you can return it! We found that often times online shops were a little tricky to get ahold of. At BWG we are available Monday through Friday 10-4 by phone and anytime via email. We are also very active on our social media sites making sure you can get ahold of us no matter how you prefer to communicate!

About BWG

We are a family owned and operated business offering a wide selection of glass smoking pipes from local artists from all around the US. We have a network of different glass blowers from several different states including California, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Idaho, North Carolina, Arizona, Indiana, New York, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan and many more. We currently sell American made glass using American made glass for raw from dependable companies like Schott, Simax and EU. All of our glass pipes are handmade by skilled artists with many years of experience in producing consistent quality glass pipes. Furthermore every piece is inspected when it comes and and again before it leaves to ensure you get a quality glass pipe every time!

Growing tired of hearing stories about how online shops took months to ship, never answered emails and sometimes even shipped the wrong item. We decided that with the contacts we have built up over the years, our history of owning businesses in the past, we could do much better than most of our competition. After your first purchase with us I know you will agree.

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying glass online, here are a few reasons to consider us for your next purchase.

We sell Glass Pipes that are made in America
We stock some of the most well known and trusted brands on the market like ZOB, HVY Glass, JM Flow, C2 Custom Creations, Chameleon Glass, Liberty 503 Glass, Treehouse Glass, Purr Glass and Mathematix Glass to name a few. We also sell American made glass from local artist from all over the country some of our favorites include Realazation Glass, Darth Silicate Glass, Nic Asturino Glass and Greenlite Glass. We hope to have glass from all 50 states in the future as this industry grows!

The Honest Headshop™

Brothers with Glass is the only online headshop to display the country of origin for ALL the glass we sell. It's important to our industry and culture that imported glass be sold as an imported product. At BWG we don't hide the country of origin from our customers & clearly display it for each brand.

Quality Control  
All of our artists have to abide by our strict policies on how our products are made and what materials they are made from. We do not work with artists that use inexpensive, low quality glass. Most of our pipes are made with American or German made glass such as Schott or Simax. Not only do we require the use of the most durable high end materials but we also use environmentally friendly methods to ensure we have the least impact on the environment.

Glass pipes can be confusing, and a new vaporizer hits the market every month. You are going to have some questions and that's awesome! We take great pride in making sure you are taken care of from the moment you land on our site, it doesn't matter if you are window shopping or placing your 15th order we are here to help and answer any questions you may have. All emails are answered within 24 hours, excluding weekends and major holidays. Phone support is available Monday thru Friday from 10am - 3pm PST. Visit our contact us page for all our contact info.

We hate spam and I am pretty sure you do to. Under no circumstances will we ever sell or trade any of your information to anyone for any reason at anytime.

Discreet Shipping
All orders are shipped in regular shipping boxes and contain no indication as to the contents. The return shipping label will read BWG to ensure your privacy. In-Stock Items Unlike a lot of other sites everything we sell is in stock and ready to ship. We do not take your money then have the item made. We do offer pre-sale items on popular brands, but the listing is clearly worded and you will receive an email with each step of the process.