Brothers with Glass Pre Order Terms and Conditions

Due to the overwhelming demand of some of the artist and brands we work with we offer pre orders to help you guarantee you will get the bong or rig you need. Shortages on raw materials, mixed with high demand make it difficult to get some of these products sometimes and pre orders the only way in some cases. 


If you have a pre order and would like to know when your order will ship, simply check this page for the most up to date shipping times for all Artist or Brands that we offer pre order for.

Updated: June 4th, 2024

2k Glass Art - TBA - Waiting for est ship date from 2k Glass
HVY Glass -  TBA - Waiting for est ship date from HVY Glass
Mathematix - TBA - Waiting for est ship date from Mathematix
ZOB Glass -   TBA - Waiting for est ship date from ZOB
Liberty 503 -  6/30
Blowfish - 6/30
Glowfly - 6/30
Starfish Designs - 6/15

  Please note that the above times are estimates, in most cases our orders arrive within a few days of the above dates. ALL pre orders are shipped out the day our order from the Artist arrives. If you placed a pre order within the last 14 days its likely your order will be on our next shipment as most pre orders are currently taking 4-5 weeks on average. With the exception of some HVY, Mathematix and ZOB items that are taking longer. 


Customer service cannot provide any more detailed information about your pre order shipment date. Most pre orders arrive on either the upcoming order or the following order. However some harder to get items make take several orders to arrive as the artist does not make those items often enough to fill each time they are ordered. 

If you are purchasing an item with a stock status of "Pre Order This Item" that means that we don't have that pipe on hand but will have it back in stock and available for shipping within 7-90 days of your purchase. Several products we offer are harder to find and have larger demand. We offer pre orders to help our customers secure the glass they want! If you purchase in stock items along with a pre order item the entire order will be held and shipped together. Along with our awesome return policy you have the option cancel your pre order at any time and get a full refund! As soon as your order ships you will get a tracking number so you can track your delivery.


You may pre order any item that has a stock status of "Pre Order This Item" We only accept pre orders for select brands so its not available for all products. 

You will be charged at the time of placing the order.

Products are expected to be ready for shipment 7-90 days after your order has been placed. When a pre order item is added to an order the entire order will be held until the pre order item has arrived. Once the entire order is ready for shipment an email notification will be sent with tracking information.

If you change your mind you may cancel your pre order and get a full refund at anytime, you will however lose your spot.

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