Vaporizers have always been a market filled with poorly made and overpriced vaporizers. Brothers with Glass prides ourselves in offering a large selection of quality vaporizers from brands that have been around for a while like Volcano, DaVinci, Crafty, Pax and Firefly just to name a few! Below you will find a wide selection of top brand vapes for all kinds of vaporizer users. We have big selection of portable and tabletop that are for dry herbs, oil or even better both. We always have the newest colors and most popular vapes on the market so make sure and check back often as we always add new stock!

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If you are looking for the biggest vape hits, like using a vape bag or want to hook one up to your water pipe this section has all the tabletop vapes you need! 

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On the go or simply the ease of portability having a portable vape makes it easy to transport and use. We have a large selection of pens for both dry herbs and oils. 

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Our dry herb section has just the vaporizer you are looking for to suit your dry herb vaping needs, whether its a tabletop or portable we got you covered!

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Dab pens are a great way to dab on the go without having to bring lots of equipment with you. We have a large selection of extract vapes.

Buy Stealthy Vapes


Vaping can be the most discreet way to smoke. In this section we have highlighted some of the more discreet vapes on the market! 

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Vape pens for dry herbs or dabbing are the smallest of all the styles on the market. In this section of our online headshop you will find all our pens!

Buy Digital Vaporizer


Getting to the right temperature matters and there is no better way to do it than with a digital vape. Shop this section and get that perfect temp every time.

Buy Forced Air Vapes


Forced air vapes work great for using vape bags or just recklessly spewing vape in the air! But more realistically the internal fans will for steady air for even vape hits!

Buy BWG Tested Vapes


In this section you will find the vaporizers that at least one member of the BWG crew has personally tested, used and recommends as a good quality vape!

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Get you a vape that does both. If you enjoy the best of both worlds shop this section for vapes that work for both dry herb and extracts. 

Buy Vape Accessories


Chargers, new atomizers, cases, cords and more. In this section you will find all the extra or replacement parts you need for your vaporizer!

USA made Vapes


They are pretty hard to find and to be honest only a few brands exist that are made in the US. We have a small selection of US made vapes.

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Not sure what kind you want? Take a look at the wide selection of vapes we have to offer and compare and find the perfect vape for you!