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Alfa Vaporizer

$199.00 $179.99

ALFA VAPORIZERThe Alfa by Goboof is portable, lightweight, and heats up in a quick 30 seconds. Alfa’s rotary dial makes selecting a temperature simple, giving you three manual and two automatic heat settings to choose from. The Alfa’s oven contains a central heating-pin to ensure that your blends are vaporized...
Arizer Air Vaporizer

$229.99 $206.99

ARIZER AIRThe Air is a powerful, efficient, and ultra-compact portable vaporizer, featuring a high quality ceramic heating element, glass stems, and interchangeable Lithium-ion batteries. Offering an hour of use per charge, the ability to use while charging, and the option to have spare batteries fully charged, the Arizer Air is...
Badwood G Pen Elite


BADWOOD G PEN ELITEThe Badwood G Pen Elite is the newest collaboration from Greno Science. The 'Feels Good to Be Bad' G Pen Elite has custom artwork from artist Natalie Wood and comes with a a sweet Badwood kit that features a makeup vanity box, a clutch bag with the...
Crafty Vaporizer

$279.00 $251.99

CRAFTY VAPORIZERThe Crafty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel offers high quality vapor in a sleek, handheld design. The Crafty incorporates several cutting-edge thermal engineering features, enhancing the vaporization experience. Vapor is channeled from the heating chamber, up through the cooling unit for vapor that is easier to take in. This...
DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

$199.99 $179.99

DAVINCI ASCENT VAPORIZERAscent by DaVinci is a premium portable device that fits in your pocket and vaporizes dry blends and liquids. Its glass lined ceramic heater and glass-on-glass airpath and mouthpiece deliver pure vapor. The programmable OLED display allows you to dial in to an exact temperature, program session times,...
DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

$274.99 $247.99

DAVINCI IQ VAPORIZERDaVinci IQ is a premium portable device that fits in your pocket and vaporizes dry herbs. The easy-to-load ceramic heating chamber produces strong and flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. Featuring an exclusive Smart Path technology, Davinci IQ allows users to create their own vaping experience with...
Firefly 2 Vaporizer

$329.95 $296.99

FIREFLY 2 VAPORIZERThe wait is over! The Firefly 2 Vaporizer features a newly styled body that's 33% smaller and 55% lighter than the original. It uses convection technology to vaporize both dry material and concentrates. With a newly efficient battery capable of fast charging and customize-able temperature settings, the Firefly...
Flytlab Fuse Vaporizer

$199.00 $179.99

FLYTLAB FUSEThe FlytLab Fuse is the worlds first eHookah that lets you 'fuse' refillable cartomizers along with dry herb or concentrate cartridges. For those looking for the ultimate is flavor combinations, there simply is nothing like the Flytlab fuse. A monster 18650 battery keeps the Flytlab Fuse lasting last pastHOW...
Flytlab H2flo Elite Vaporizer

$220.00 $198.99

FLYTLAB H2FLO ELITE HERBAL VAPORIZERThe advanced Flytlab H2Flo Elite herbal vaporizer uses infused ceramic coil technology that allows your flowers to be heated perfectly in an oven that imparts zero taste. You only taste what you put in the H2Flo Elite and nothing else. Do you prefer water filtration? the...
Flytlab Lift Vaporizer

$150.00 $135.99

FLYTLAB LIFTWIth an all new coil-infused ceramic heating system, the Flytlab Lift uses its SmartHeat system to apply multiple heat settings and a huge battery. The integrated glass lip piece can also be used to pack down your material.HOW IT WORKSGrind your herbs to a medium grind level and fill...
G Pro Vaporizer

$89.95 $80.99

G PRO VAPORIZERA technological marvel offering vaporization in its truest form, the G Pro from Grenco Science is a pocket friendly portable that heats aromatic blends evenly for a satisfying vapor experience.EASY TO USEOne button operation for simple on-the-go vaporization. Deep, easy to load chamber for long lasting vapor. Three...
Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer

$152.10 from $136.99

MAGIC-FLIGHT MUAD-DIB CONCENTRATE BOXThe Muad-Dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Box comes complete with everything you need to vaporize solid concentrates on-the-go. The Muad-Dib uses the same technology as the Launch Box, but with a newly engineered screen that reaches 900° F in only 3 seconds. The Muad-Dib uses the same batteries...
Mighty Vaporizer

$349.00 $314.99

MIGHTY VAPORIZERThe Mighty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel delivers high quality vapor in a sleek, handheld design.HIGH TECHThe Mighty incorporates several cutting-edge thermal engineering features, enhancing the vaporization experience. The Mighty Vaporizer is a dual lithium-ion battery powered portable vaporizer that utilizes full convection hot air combined with conduction, and...
Phil Frost X Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer

$199.95 $179.99

PHIL FROST X BURTON G PEN ELITE VAPORIZERDesigned for superior vaporization of your ground material, the Phil Frost X Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer brings the same style and quality you've come to expect from Grenco Science and improves upon it with extra capacity, quick heating, and a unique ergonomic...
Puffit 2 Blue Modular Portable Handheld Vaporizer

$120.00 $89.99

PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer is the newest version by Discreet Vape. This new model is compatible with both dry herbs and waxy oils (concentrates). It also features an improved battery system that provides 75% longer battery life than the original version. Since the battery is removable, it's easy to make...

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