Dry vs Diffused Ash Catchers

Hello friends, today we are going to be learning about the difference between Dry ash catchers and Diffused ones! Let's start with the basics; 

A dry ash catcher is essentially just for well.. catching ashes! You'll add this attachment onto your bong or bubbler and then place your slide in the ash catcher instead of the normal downstem. There are different shapes and sizes that they come in, some are longer to allow for a more flexible water level, and some are shorter, that can be better for a more lightweight bong. 

Now as far as size and angle go, we can help you determine what type you need. Most commonly the size of the joint will be 14mm or 18mm that will all depend on your slide and bong. The angle will usually be 45 degree or 90 degree. A 90 degree will bring the ash catcher very close to your bong, so these are better for straight bongs that don't have much in the way. The 45 however will stick out significantly more, these are great for a bubble or beaker bong. 


Don't let the name fool you, Dry ash catchers require that you put a small amount of water in them. This way when you smoke, the ashes will find their way into the water that is in the ash catcher instead of in you're bong! Its a simple way to prevent your bong water from becoming dirty too fast. Clean out your catcher after you smoke and you're good to go!

Here is a short pro's and con's list for the Dry ash catcher, as well as a photo of what two different sizes look like. 

Dry ash catcher Pro's 

  • Keeps your bong cleaner for longer
  • Doesn't add more drag to your bong hit

Dry ash catcher Con's 

  • No extra percolation
  • Not as much variety

Moving onto the Diffused ash catchers! Diffused is another way of saying percolation, and that's what this kind does, it percolates! You can get more out of this specific kind of ash catcher, not only will it catch the fallen ashes but also filter your smoke twice, it can definitely make for a smoother hit overall and is better for your lungs! Here is a photo of an ash catcher with a percolator in it. As well as another short pro's and con's list!

Diffused ash catcher Pro's 

  • Keeps your bong cleaner for longer
  • Adds additional percolation for a smoother hit 

Diffused ash catcher Con's 

  • Can add drag to bong
  • Tends to be heavier

 Overall, it's primarily about preference and what you are looking for! Hopefully this helped you on your glass journey. Thanks friends, and happy smoking!

We also have a YouTube video available that helps explain even more about ash catchers. You can see that video down below!

Thanks friends, and happy smoking!

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Never had ashcatcher that didn’t little bit pulled water into bong need new designs period

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