Florida Governor signs Medical Marijuana Legislation, Amendment two

Florida Medical Marijuana

Florida has been a battleground Medical Marijuana for some time but today Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into legislation the medical marijuana amendment voters approved in 2016 by more than 71% of voters.

"Today should be a striking reminder of the power of each and every person's vote. The people of Florida spoke loudly in November and the Legislature and the Governor have responded," said Taylor Patrick Biehl, a member of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida a group that has been working towards this for years. 

Amendment two sets forth details for 10 more medical marijuana treatment centers by Oct. 3 of this year. This is in addition to the seven already operating. One downside to this bill is smoking is still banned under the new amendment. However John Morgan is expected to file suit over this issue in Leon County Circuit Court.  

Medical marijuana products can be sold as tinctures, oils, edibles, sprays  or vaping. Patients may receive an order for three 70-day supplies before having to visit a doctor again to get re-examined.

All in all this seems like a pretty restricted law and will need lots of work in order for it to properly function for Florida residents. 


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