How To Be A Productive Stoner

Some of the significant stigma and stereotypes with stoners is that they are always lazy, couch-locked, unmotivated, and mostly unproductive. The Anti-cannabis propaganda will tell you how consuming marijuana can destroy one's life and career. Still, it doesn't mean that some of the most successful men and women on this earth have consumed marijuana daily at some point in their life. 

Famous people like Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Steve Jobs, Bob Marley, David Letterman, Elon Musk all admit to smoking marijuana at one point in their life. So it's time to break all the stigma and stereotypes related to stoners and prove yourself that you can be a stoner and a productive, successful person in your life. You just need to learn the tricks. 

Here's how you can enjoy your carefree, stoner life and be productive: 


1. Organize Your Things

Not being responsible has nothing to do with getting high. So when you are consuming marijuana, it's important to organize everything before you get high. Make a to-do list of all the priorities and your urgent tasks. Using your time smartly can help you get out of many embarrassing situations. It's necessary to complete all your tasks and projects so your boss won't yell at you even when you get high. Or else you will probably never meet the deadlines and get fired, which is not very productive. Organizing your things will also help you get a clear vision of the task ahead, boost your self-confidence, and make you motivated and productive. Also keeping your bong clean and smoking station clean helps create a nice clutter free space to enjoy your sesh. 


2. Know Your Limits

Everyone has a different tolerance level; hence it is important to know your own limits. Also, some strains of cannabis are much stronger than others, so it's necessary to know your cannabis. If you take too much and you feel like you're about to take off to the moon, it's time to slow down. Try to pack a bowl, just like what you do with alcohol. This way, you can stay high for a long time and do your daily tasks without issues. 

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3. Choose the Right Strain

If you want to stay on your top game, it will help you learn more about different marijuana strains. Choosing the correct strain is important. There are two major strain categories, Sativa and Indica. Usually, they come in a hybrid strain with both Sativa and Indica. 

For instance, if you feel like getting energetic and uplifting high, then choose Sativa-dominant strains. It can help you to stay focused and creative. If you want to relieve some stress or get good sleep, try Indica-dominant strains, and this strain is also best as a painkiller. If you are a regular cannabis consumer, try a Sativa with a high CBD and low THC content for light high. But in some cases smoking a heavy CBD or Indica dominant strain will cause you to become sleepy and less inclined to get things done.


4. Smoke to Treat Yourself

Did you know cannabis can help you stay more focused and increase your thinking power? Well, it's true consuming marijuana has many benefits, including a more focused mind. This means you can do multiple tasks simultaneously and accomplish your goals quickly. Finish up all your tasks and projects to make time for smoking some marijuana. It always feels great to smoke when you don't have any pressures or deadlines on your back. It's like a small self-treat. And Friday nights can be the time for doing just that.


5. Doing A Proper Workout

It's ok to get high and consume marijuana. But that doesn't mean you should neglect your health. When you are a regular smoker, it's even more important to take care of your health and maintain a proper diet. Working out daily can help you achieve that, otherwise you risk becoming a lazy stoner just like everyone thinks you are. A little exercise along with cannabis speeds up your metabolism system and gives you an extra dose of energy. So it might be the right time to think about purchasing that gym membership that your friends have told you about. 


6. Maintain A Proper Diet

Stoners know this for a fact that when you get high, you get even more hungry. Remember all those weird food combinations you have tried whenever you get high. Those are not good for your health. To stay productive, you need to eat more healthy foods. Productivity comes from the brain, and healthy foods can make your brain sharper. So always remember to add lots of vegetables and fruits to your diet routine. Getting high and making crazy fun food doesn't mean it doesn't have to be healthy. Try to avoid having too much caffeine as well. 


7. Drink A Lot of Water

Smoking marijuana can dehydrate your lungs and lips. So it's not ok to smoke for a long time without consuming any water. You have to stay hydrated to stay active and healthy. According to The journal Frontiers and Human Neuroscience, drinking water can help to enhance performance. So you can have juices or soft drinks along with your joints. It's essential to drink a lot of water so that your body and your brain can function well.  

You cannot be productive just overnight, but this guide can help you with essential tips on staying more focused and effective in your daily life. Becoming successful is a decision, and that decision lies entirely in your hand. So you need to find your stoner motivation and show everyone that you can be a stoner and productive at the same time. 

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