Drop Zone! - This week at BWG - Chameleon Glass, Goo Roo Designs and Liberty 503

Hello there, our team gets a lot of new glass in each week. Sometimes its a restock on a brand or artist we already have, and sometimes it's mind-blowing pieces needing a new home! Either way, if you are ever curious about what will be coming your way, you've found the right spot! Stay tuned to find new artists, new brands and to be notified when we do glass drops!

-This Week-

Chameleon Glass restock - Coming this Wednesday!

Chameleon Glass 

Restock on a fan favorite brand, we have so many different variations in style, color and character, you're bound to find something! Based in Arizona, a unique piece from them will bring some of that Arizona sunshine into your life! Keep a look out on our instagram story to get an inside look at this restock on 5/19.


Goo Roo Bamboo Collection - On it's way to you this Thursday! 

goo roo bamboo

We are dropping an exclusive Goo Roo Bamboo Collection on 5/20/21 at 2pm PST! We will be going live on our instagram at that time and showing off each piece! Goo Roo Glass is made right here in the Portland area. These pieces are very unique and will add a jaw dropping center piece to your collection! 


Next on the agenda is Liberty 503 Glass-  New stuff coming this Friday!

Liberty 503 Glass

You won't want to miss out on the new wig wags and deep carved hand pipes we have coming on 5/21! We'll also be hopping on instagram live to show off the new stuff we get from Liberty! There will be a huge restock on all the classics as well. 


Thanks for sticking around! You now have exclusive insider info of what we'll be getting in this week. Do with it what you will.. *cough cough* tell your friends..

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