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Even though we are an online retailer we are located just outside of portland oregon and serve as a great option to offer you a wide variety of glass bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes and vaporizers form local artist and brands as well as those from around the world that you know and trust! Having a much larger selection of glass and accessories than any headshop in portland we are proud to serve our local customers with fast free shipping! All orders placed before 11 am are shipped the same day and in most cases will arrive to address in washington and Multnomah county the next day, with all other Oregon address taking one more day.

Living in Oregon you are already aware of the wide selection of quality glass that is available from artist in this state. Just Portland alone has dozens of well know artist and a few companies. We have been buying glass since 2010 and have worked with lots of really great Oregon artist. If you are looking to keep it local with your next headshop purchase I suggest you check out these artist below they are some of our favorites from right here in Portland! 
Liberty 503
Liberty 503 Glass out of Portland, Oregon has been setting the standard for insanely intricate glass sandblasting since they got on the torch. All of their functional art pieces feature tons of detail and color that you won't see from any other glass artist. They cold work intricate designs on hand pipes, dab rigs, and water pipes which really set them apart from every other glassblower. 
Goo Roo Designs Glass
Goo Roo Designs is another great studio of out the Portland area and actually has an open studio for customers to purchase and see their glass blowing for a more personal experience with buying glass! We are very happy to have their loyalty and the chance to help and spread their glass around get American Made Glass into your hands at an affordable price! 

 The Tiny Bongs that these artists make are at least 6 mm thick and their larger bongs stack up to some of the coolest scientific function out their today! Goo Roo is proud to put that they are made in Portland, OR on most of their bigger sized pipes  that adds a nice touch to the already high quality glass! Some favorites will be the Tater Tot, Tiny Beaker and Bottle Rigs.

 Weather you like stand up bongs, leaning bongs, dab rigs or nectar collectors Goo Roo has them all and they are all up to standard with the high quality and consistent product that these guys are known for!


Black Market Glass
Black Market Glass has been making quartz for a while now and we are very happy to offer their full line up of Quartz products! 



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