Green Sea Turtle Glass Pipe

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These beautiful sea turtle pipes will be back in stock mid July! We also have many Animal Glass Pipe styles to chose from as well. This sea turtle glass pipe looks just like a little turtle and fits nicely in your hands, made of durable Pyrex brand glass. The bowl is of average size and is located on the bottom of this animal pipe. The mouth piece for this hand pipe is on the mouth of the turtle and the carb is on the back end. It has some nice etching on the back of the shell to give it added detail. This one had easily hide in plain site as well.Our Green Sea Turtle Glass Pipe is skillfully made with care using quality material and is sure to be a conversation starter. The little guy has been beautifully hand blown with care by a skilled artist using environmentally friendly methods and provides the smoothest of of smoking experiences. It is completely functional but also nice to look at too. It has the added benefits of being very durable and easy to clean - both of which make it the perfect smoking accessory. This unique piece with be quickly and discreetly shipped to you in an effort to maintain your privacy.

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