HVY Glass Mini Fumed Genie Double Bubble Bong - Various Styles


Style: Four

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This genie bottle grants all of your wishes! Standing right around a foot tall and a nice wide base gives this pipe a sturdy feel. It has a 14/18mm removable gridded downstem and a color matching 14mm slide. With great size and unique shape, you get nice smooth hits and a pipe that gives your collection a one of a kind look! 

Height: 12.00"
Base: 5.50" 
Joint: 18mm
Slide: 14mm (color dot may vary)
Perc: Gridded downstem
Glass Thickness: 5mm x 38mm
Downstem length: 4.50"

Artist: HVY Glass
Made in California

Replacement Parts:
You can find a replacement downstem here


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