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Empire Glassworks: The Glass with Pop-Culture

Empire Glassworks quickly is rising up and becoming an established studio in the Glass Industry, especially after only opening shop in 2013! Located in Southern California, the collection of glassblowers that are involved with this company have over 40 years of experience and make their glass out of the highest quality American and European raw material. Their small attachments and sculptures come from a background of making Jewelry and even being apart of Disney at one time! Their Pop-Culture driving themes are recognizable across the globe and one of the top reasons why this glass studio has been making so much noise recently. Pair that with their very competitive and hard to beat prices and you may have found your new favorite studio! 

 Some of their most popular rigs and pipes are influenced by one of our favorite Cartoon Network shows, Rick and Morty! While others like the Sriracha Bottle and Bowl of Noods dab rigs are among the tastiest foods that most of us love to indulge in. There's also an array of space-themed glass that we absolutely love for their addition of sculpted spaceships, planets, and stars that we all love to stare at after taking a huge rip. Other favorite themes include natural habitat styles like their Honeybee series of glass pipes, bongs, and dab rigs that have realistic honey dripping from honeycombs, and bees scattered around the rigs making it look alive!

 The Flagship Easter Australian Current (E.A.C.) recycler bong is a work of art that you can really see the level of detail that goes into their high-end glass. They go as far as adding different colored fish, anemone, coral, and kelp to create a forest of seal life inside and outside of the bong. Not to mention the scientific function of the recycler itself is a very sought after design and functions just as well as it looks! Watch the water shoot through the uptake and drain down the funnel that is surrounded by the common Sea life found in the E.A.C!

 There truly is a pipe, rig or accessory that Empire Glassworks has made for you and we are trying to constantly keep the section updated with new and exclusive glass that you can't find anywhere else. Empire Glassworks is also known for releasing seasonal or holiday glass that will never be made again and we do our part to find those rare ones for you, such as the Illuminati Death Star Rig! Some of the fan favorites for hand pipes are their depictions of Pickle Rick, the Plumbus and Portal Gun! We personally like the Great Barrier Reef and Bugs Life pipes for their nature influences and the hefty number of small sculptures that they put on these styles.


 The Heady Bugs Life Hand Pipe is another great example of how much detail and how small the sculptures are and how Empire Glassblowers have the skill level to pull off these types of workings in a timely and cost-efficient way to bring you the best price! In the Bug's Life pipe, you'll find moss, little ladybugs, grubs, and mushrooms scattered over a very earthy tone colored base to really give this pipe some personality and will almost give you the illusion that it's crawling in your hand as you smoke... Or maybe just the more stoned that you get! 

 Not only does Empire Glass make some dope ass pipes, bongs and rigs, but they also make Puffco Peak attachments and smoking accessories that are all consistent with their current themes so that you can put together a full matching set if you please! We have a popular selection of their carb caps, dabbers, and even slides that are 14mm and 18mm with unique themes to choose from as well. Our personal favorite accessories are the Unicorn Slide, Pineapple Carb Cap, Narwhal Dabber, and the Pickle Rick joint tips. If there is something that you have seen in the past and want, please let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your request! Enjoy the selection of Empire Glass that we carry and hopefully, we have done our part with suggesting you an awesome and affordable American made piece of glass for your collection!


  • Posted on by kaitlyn

    the bugs life hand pipe is beautiful!

  • Posted on by Whitney Miller

    I love the artistry. Pieces you want to keep out on display!

  • Posted on by alicia

    The Bugs Life is gorgeous! I love ladybugs.

  • Posted on by amber

    I need that Heady Bug life hand pipe in my life!

  • Posted on by Emily Vahle

    EMPIRE GLASS IS THE BEST!!! I got the misubi pipe and that thing is a hitter! Super quality and cute!! Love it

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