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How to Enhance Your High Every Time You Smoke

What if your high was actually getting you low?

Everyone who gets high wants to have the best possible experience. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to improve their experience whenever they smoke.

Want to learn how to enhance your high? Keep reading to learn all about it!

Selective Strains

Smoking weed is a very unique experience. However, it does share at least one thing in common with alcohol: it pays to be selective.

Not all strains of marijuana are the same. Your own body chemistry may react differently to one strain versus another.

We recommend seeing what strains are available in your area. Next, do your homework about each strain to start discovering what works best for you.

Think of this a bit like a science experiment. It may take some trial and error to figure out what works best, but this is the most fun you'll ever have when it comes to science!

Change Up Your Style

Sometimes, the answer to getting higher on weed is very simple. For example, you may try changing up how you smoke.

If you always smoke a joint, try using a bong. Alternately, you can class it up and start getting high out of a pipe.

The latest craze for getting high is using a vape pen. And as a fun side effect, vaping is going to be healthier than traditional smoking.

Like with the strains, different people experience different effects when they change how they get high. You may discover a new favorite way to mellow out when you experiment with how to get higher with weed.

Mango Madness

Obviously, stoners love to eat. But while munchie madness is very real, our next suggestion involves eating something before you get high.

It may sound crazy, but many stoners swear by mangoes as a way to improve your high. The trick is to eat a mango about an hour before you partake.

It doesn't work for everyone, but many people swear that this is a way to make their high both stronger and longer. Plus, mangoes taste great, making this a flavorful way of getting higher than ever.

Stoner Storage

Where do you actually store your weed? Believe it or not, but your weed storage methods may be killing the quality of your high.

For example, many people store their weed in plastic containers. These containers are portable and cheap, but when it comes to getting high, you get what you pay for.

Plastic can be a conductor for mild electrical charges. While they are not enough to put you in danger, they are frying some of the trichomes inside your marijuana.

What should you use instead? A basic option is to store your stash inside a glass or steel container. More advanced options include containers that have humidity controls or allow you to insert humidity packs.

Basically, you need to treat your weed like the investment that it is. Take care of your stash and it will take care of you!

"Concentrate" Your High

Earlier, we talked about changing up the way you smoke. However, you may be able to intensify your high by not smoking at all!

Increasing numbers of stoners are getting high using hashes, oils, and even concentrates. What's the allure? The higher level of THC helps ensure that you get higher more quickly.

Like with vape pens, some people prefer this method of getting high because they don't have to worry about inhaling smoke. Therefore, using concentrates and other alternative methods is both an efficient and healthy way of getting high.

Go Nuts

What's your favorite food when you get the munchies? For most of us, the answer is "whatever is close to me."

One surprising way you can boost your high is to eat nuts when you get the munchies. This is because the fatty acids inside the nuts link up with the cannabinoids you are smoking, potentially improving your high.

Plus, nuts are relatively healthy as snacks go. That means you can munch away and not worry too much about increasing your waist size while increasing your high.

Delay That Pleasure

Some of our techniques are surprising and some are complex. This next idea, though, keeps things nice and simple: try to get high less often.

Many stoners swear by "wake and bake" and other habits that involve getting high every day. Unfortunately, this can backfire on you.

Consider weed like any other special activity: if you do it all the time, it becomes less special. And as your body gets used to the THC, it will take more and more to get you high.

Try to hold off a bit. Maybe that means waiting until the weekend to smoke or only smoking with your friends. Ultimately, you will get a more intense experience.

Get Fast and Then Get High

Stoners have a reputation for being kind of lazy. And it's true that once you're high, it's tempting to sit around and chill out.

Ironically, though, one of the best ways to boost your high is to get very active before you light up. One good example is jogging or running around your neighborhood for thirty or more minutes ahead of time.

The benefit of this is that more THC reaches your brain, giving you a better high. You're burning calories while you do it, which is always a big bonus.

How to Enhance Your High: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about how to enhance your high. You probably noticed many of the best ways involved changing up the way you get high.

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  • Posted on by Jessica

    Really enjoyed this and definitely relate to researching strains beforehand. I’ve had some serious anxiety rock my nervous system smoking a strain that wasn’t in alignment with my body. Also, Bongs are always a good idea!

  • Posted on by Whitney Miller

    I definitely find that changing up how I smoke (what piece I use, and going between concentrates and flower) to be key in achieving that desired feeling! I also love getting high and then being active. It really boosts the good feels.

  • Posted on by Sarah Schnurr

    Fascinating read – thanks for sharing! I definitely have experienced that with being active beforehand, but it works if I’m active immediately after smoking, too. It also works to take a hot shower or bath – probably due to the better circulation.

  • Posted on by Javier Estimago

    yup to all that, regarding the fats cocunut oil is nearly all saturated fat, which produces all the bodys hormones and for skinnier people will definitely get you way higher!

  • Posted on by Jacob

    definitely suggest doing excercise before, increases your high x10000

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