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Top 5 Smoke Spots Around Portland, Oregon!

 We are lucky to be in such a beautiful state where there are plenty of great spots to enjoy our smoking rituals and enjoy the scenery not far from home. We will go over the ones that we have been to in the Portland area but feel free to drop your favorite spot in the comments!

Mock's Crest

 We have definitely lit more than a few woods at this great spot to watch the sunset and wind down for the night. It's a small little park that is almost hidden in the back of a quiet neighborhood and overlooks a trainyard with an epic backdrop of forest park and a gorgeous sunset on clear evenings! There's plenty of other people that enjoy this spot as well but the vibes are always chill as long as you're not bringing the noise and leaving your trash, nobody likes those people and ones of the best parts, if you're a chickenwing lover, is that Fire on the Mountain is right around the corner when you're leaving the neighborhood!

Dick Road

 Yes, the famous/infamous Dick Road is supposedly haunted but one of our employees didn't know that when it was his first time smoking and it happened to be in this legendary smoke spot! We've actually had a photoshoot here with some glass and got some great shots of the train tracks and it's right down the road from the Helvetia Burger Tavern that has some of the best all American homestyle grub you can get in the area! The best part of this spot is the epic train track the crosses over the small street that leads to some quite and nice homes, so be very respectful if you happen to check this place out for the views in Helvetia, OR!

Cascade Head

 This Epic spot has a panoramic view of Lincoln City's beach! This hike is on the steeper side but it's not that long of a hike at all and has a rewarding downhill slope on the way back. It may be windy at this spot and there are people that frequent this hike as well but it's a perfect spot for hotboxing and then going on a journey up the hill. If this place is too crowded, there are so many spots along the beach to chill out and enjoy yourself!

Henry Hagg Lake

 This entire man-made lake is one of the most beautiful and quiet places with the most people you will find in the Portland metro area and it is one of the most chill places to smoke, keep to yourself, and enjoy the nice views, smells, sounds of summer and even though there's a fee to get in, it's worth it! There are a lot of little spots that are private and secluded that you definitely have to get to before it gets crowded and there aren't any of the sweet smoke spots left! Take a sandwich, a bowl to smoke and your favorite person or go alone, either way, you will enjoy this place no matter what. 

Willamette River

 If you ever have the chance of cruising down the Willamette River on a Pontoon boat, we highly recommend it for the best views of being in the middle of Portland and being able to smoke a bowl, vape, or blunt while cruising down a river is one of the most chill things to do by far in Portland!

  Please keep in mind that none of these places are technically legal to smoke at and we aren't telling you to go to these places and pack your bongs, but these are spots that are inevitable to be smoked at by someone and those people have been us at one point in time! However, we will tell you to always be respectful to your surroundings, courteous to those around you, and pick up trash in your surrounding spot as much as possible, we aren't trying to give smokers a bad name!

Its best to take a small portable pipe like a chillum or spoon pipe or a vaporizer when going on outdoor smoking seshs. But if you are going to bring a bong or dab rig we highly recommend taking a case with you. It will make the whole experience better. And don't forget to take alcohol wipes too they come in hand cleaning up anything you may get dirty. 


  • Posted on by Whitney L Miller

    Nature tokes are the best!

  • Posted on by Javier Estimago

    sounds like some awesome experiences, I dream of living out there in the NW!

  • Posted on by robert lewis

    Very cool.

  • Posted on by Tyler Hesterberg

    Might have to take a stroll to some of these spots

  • Posted on by Emily Vahle

    Wow these places look awesome!

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