We love JM Flow glass, made in California they have some of the craziest perc designs on the market today and we are proud to have the largest selection of their high end glass online. One thing that really stands out from JM Flow is their sprinkler perc, no one else hand anything close.  They offer them in several different versions depending on how big you want to go!  We have them in anywhere from 8 sprinkler percs to up to 42 and you can get them in beakers, sidecars, recyclers and fat cans so no matter what type of tube you prefer they have a sprinkler perc for each.   We also have some pretty cool videos on our YouTube channel worth checking out.

Their uplines and inlines are also worth looking at, they have some crazy bubble slicing technology going on.  They are the most complex looking cuts that out perform any upline we have tested. JM Flow truly stands out in this area. We also have some of their newer Crystal Ball Percs in both beaker and can style with some custom lemon drop tubes on their way that will be here next week!

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