We get asked a lot about our Monsoon Pocket Spubblers, dubbed by Chameleon Glass the bong you take along. One of the most popular aspects of this little bubbler is the spillproof feature that it has to help keep the water inside the pipe no matter how you carry it. Only requiring a small amount of water to get the job done these are one of the most popular pocket bubblers we sell. We sell worked and colored of Spubblers that you won't find anywhere else!

The internal workings of this pipe are an unusual system of placement of holes and cuts on the glass to ensure that the water percs and offers water filtration while not allowing the water to come in the mouth piece. The first part of the bubbler has a small hole at the bottom of the stem that comes out from the bowl. Then another stem on the mouthpiece side has special cuts to ensure the smoke passes through but makes it hard or for water to pass through the same path.  With those combined features you can get a water cooled smoke without having to have a large pipe. This is perfect for travel for those sunny days at the beach or wherever your favorite smoke spot may be.  This is also a great upgrade if you have been smoking just hand pipes but don’t want to move up to a larger water pipe.

Check out the video we made below to help understand how cool this pipe is and how it works then go get your own Chameleon Glass Pocket Spubbler so you have have a bong to take along!

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I got the blue monsoon. I love it. Nice smooth pulls. Very handy to have a water pipe that’s easily portable. Only down side is the water should really be changed every bowl or 2. Unavoidable with such a small amount of water. I recommend it to my friends

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