Stoner Etiquette!

Hey there fellow smokers, our topic for this week is about how to have the proper etiquette while smoking with others! There are a few simple rules that will keep the sesh flowing and keep all your stoner friends happy! 

We'll go through each rule and talk about why you should follow them! 

1st Rule- Don't pressure your friends!

This is really important because it never ends well! Trying to pressure your friend or friends into anything they don't want to do is a massive vibe killer, and all-around not cool. Sometimes people just like to chill without smoking, nothing wrong with that! Getting someone high that doesn't want to be, is a no. 

Peer pressure

2nd Rule- Pass it to the left

  There are a few reasons why this should be common practice. Besides the fact that it causes less confusion as to whose turn it is next, it's a pretty commonly known rule amongst smokers. The history behind this is really interesting; It all started with the Rastafarians. They consider cannabis to be the "wisdom weed", along with using a chalice or chillum, their prayers are offered to Jah while the weed is passed to the left. It's said that they pass to the left in times of peace and to the right in times of war. The back story isn't very extensive but one thing is for sure, you don't want to be caught passing to the right! 

Pass it to the left

 3rd Rule- Whoever rolled it, lights it! 

This one is pretty obvious, the person who spent the time and effort to roll the blunt, or spiff for the group, gets to light up first! There is one exception to this, (Check out the 5th rule) besides that, the person who rolled it rightfully takes the first hit! 

Lighting a joint

4th Rule- Sharing is caring 

This is a pretty simple and obvious one; you want to make everyone in the sesh feel included! Hogging the spliff, bowl or leaving people out can bring down the whole vibe. If you are a part of a smoke sesh, be prepared to share and that kindness will surely find its way back to you next time! 

Sharing is caring

5th rule- Newbies get first dibs

In reference to the 3rd rule, usually, the person who rolled the joint or packed the bowl gets to go first. This is the one exception when someone is new to the sesh, whether it's their first time smoking, or they just joined the group. They get to take the ceremonial first hit! Said person can always decline of course, but it's good manners to offer. 

First time smoking

6th Rule- Bring your own! 

 This is a good one because if everyone brought a little of their own stash, the sesh would be a lot more fun, and last longer! Plus the more choices the better, It's fun to try new things and share your personal favorites! It can be a bit awkward to show up expecting to be smoked out and not contribute. Bring some really good stuff and you've secured your spot in the sesh for a while!

Bring your own

7th Rule- Spread the knowledge! 

It's so important to tell people what they're smoking on if you brought your own bud to share! Make sure you know the name of the strain and more importantly the percentage. Bringing the weed in it's original container can be helpful for this. It's easy to forget what you brought if its in an unmarked container! This is always a good thing to know, it can make people feel far more comfortable when they know what they are smoking! 

Spread the knowledge

8th Rule- Corner your bowl 

If the bong comes around to you with a freshly loaded bowl, try as best you can to corner it. It can take some practice to get this down but taking a smaller hit is always better than accidentally taking too much, leaving way less for the next person! This goes hand in hand with Sharing is caring

 Cornering the bowl

9th Rule- Keep your smoke to yourself 

Be mindful about where you blow your smoke after taking a hit! Especially if there are pets or someone is sitting right next to you. Blowing it directly towards someone is just plain impolite. A good rule of thumb is to have a smoke buddy on hand or just blow straight up. That is if there is no fire alarm above your head! 

Blowing smoke

 10th Rule- Keep it chill

These rules are more of a guideline on how to keep the peace between you and your stoner friends. Obviously, when you have a close group, these guidelines will vary depending on what everyone feels like doing! This list isn't a printout you bring to the sesh and start enforcing everyone to follow. Just some good tips to show them you care! Down below is a YouTube video we made on this subject! 

Thanks friends, and happy smoking! 

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