Los Angeles dismissing almost 60,000 marijuana convictions!

Los Angeles prosecutors moved to dismiss close to 60,000 weed-related convictions. This is a big news for a lot of people who have said conviction on their record. So far they have 58,000 cases that qualify for this dismissal. 

It's a glorious day for the weed community. People that shouldn't have to face hardships when looking for a job or housing, can now get some relief! The laws that led to these innocent people being convicted were unjust, this is just the start of rectifying those cases. Marijuana has been legal in California since 2016, only now have they been able to begin the process of dismissing those records. 


This year in New York, marijuana was legalized and it already led to a lot of records for possession of weed to be expunged. Bringing us to 18 states that have legalized weed! 

What this means for the people with prior weed convictions: Once it's dismissed, essentially you are deemed not guilty of the previously concluded case. Although the record can still sometimes appear if you have a background check done, usually the process of it being removed takes 3-4 months. 

Here's to more and more progress on accepting the fact that criminalizing a plant is unjust, unfair, and nonsensical! 

Thanks friends, and happy smoking!

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