Water levels for bongs and rigs!

This is a very common question amongst smokers, "how much water do I need in my bong?!" Such a question has many answers, we are here to list some different parameters on how to make your water level perfectly to your liking! 

When it comes down to it, the water level is all about preference. Each smoker has a different one! 

There are three general levels you can have your water at. Of course, depending on your preference, this can vary a lot more. We'll be showing visual examples of what each water level looks like in a beaker bong and a dab rig! We also put food dye in the water to make it easier to see exactly where the water level is. 

 Lower water level: When the water is a bit lower you might experience more flavor from the weed or concentrate you're smoking. This is a lot better for smaller hits, if you take a fat rip with less water, there is a higher chance that it will be a really hot hit and you run the risk of burning your throat! This is because the less water, the less diffusion. That's never fun to deal with, but once again if lower levels are what you prefer, go for it! It can be totally enjoyable for a much smaller hit if that slightly more intensified flavor is what you're looking for. Pictured below is what we'd recommend to be the lowest amount of water.

Low water level

Medium water level: This one is pretty self-explanatory, it's right in the middle of the two levels! You will get a balance of flavor and diffusion. This level is much more common amongst smokers, it offers the best mix of an enjoyable cool hit, with the right amount of diffusion and flavor! 

Medium water level

High water level:  When your water level is on the higher side, you will have the maximum amount of diffusion and possibly less taste because the water will dilute it. A high water level can be way better for people who tend to cough after taking a hit! The extra water allows for more filtration, giving you a cooler hit. There is a fine line between too much water and just the right amount though. You want to make sure that when you inhale you're not getting dirty water in your mouth as well! It's a good idea to test it out before loading a bowl. 

High water level

All the photos we took as examples are just that. Your water level will depend greatly on what piece you're using. Test it out by adding and subtracting until you find what works just right for you! We have a YouTube video on this as well, check it out below!

 Thanks friends, and happy smoking!

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