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This week, the spotlight is on Stone Tech Glass! They are a team of glassblowers making some very unique stuff! They're origin and continuation being in Massachusetts. It all started with Matt, who started blowing glass in 2006. 

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Fast forward to the stone age (pun intended) Matt saw a lot of potential in a line of pipes focused around stones after working on a version of them for a production company. Originally there was just one style. With the hard work of the team, a whole new concept came to be. "Armed with a couple hard-working talented Stone Technicians and a quarry full of ideas, (and some rock-solid Stone puns) we launched Stone Tech Glass in the summer of 2018." -Matt

If you haven't seen their glass yet, get ready to be surprised! Each piece has an insanely close resemblance to a stone you might have found in the river, or on a hike. It's not only the look that shares those characteristics, with the help of some sandblasting the stones have the feel and texture of a rock! From Mushroom Chillums to Gemstone Hand pipes, there is something for everyone.

 Stone Tech Glass BWG

Now their business is constantly growing and expanding on new ideas, and ways to make their stones even more unique! The team is now at 6 people, pumping out 25 different styles and 6 official stone colors! "The Stone product line has grown from a pebble to a boulder!" -Matt

This is just one great example of what hardworking teams of people can accomplish in the glass community! We appreciate all of the artists that supply glass so we can share it with the world.
"It's been a great ride. We're grateful for every distributor, local shop, as well as each and every Stone Collector! We're happy working and are excited to keep these Stones Rolling!" -Matt

Here's our YouTube video where we are showing off some stones! 

 Thanks for tuning in, and we hope to bring the spotlight on to some more artists soon, happy smoking!


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Stone Tech

Stone Tech

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