10 things every weed smoker needs!

If you smoke weed, there are plenty of accessories needed to do so. There are always new things being released, making it hard to decide what you need for your smoke sesh! We are going to break it down into 10 essential things you'll need to smoke weed! 


1. Grinder- This is very important because not having something to properly grind up your weed, you'll be ruining the effects of it! Some people like to crush it up themselves and smoke it that way, this is considered a crime in the weed community! When you use your fingers to crush the bud, it can crush the trichomes which contain most of the THC. It might rub off on your fingers and then get washed down the sink later...what a waste!

Now, the quality of your grinder matters as well. Making sure you have a well made grinder with the right materials is essential. Something American made, with high quality metal is the way to go! 

Rolling papers

2. Rolling papers/Filters- This is a given if you like to roll your own joints! Rolling papers are always a great thing to have on hand. Quality comes into play with these as well, you don't want to be smoking cheaply made papers! There are some great brands that we recommend using, all available on our site! Even if you primarily smoke out of a piece, it's a good idea to have papers on hand, never know when someone in the sesh might need them. 

Group shots

3. A piece you love- A bong, dab rig, or hand pipe that you love to smoke out of is so necessary! Taking the time to look around and find something that fits both your function and aesthetic needs is definitely worth it. It's a great feeling to love smoking out of the piece you have. Even if you like your pieces to be simple, there's something for everyone

Torch Lighter

4. Good lighter!- It sucks to load a bowl for someone and then hand them a lighter that may or may not work. Having a reliable, easily refillable lighter is a must! It seems simple enough, but this is a common problem amongst weed smokers. It's also a good idea to keep a few good old gas station lighter's around! For your primary smoking needs, invest in a great torch, or lighter! 


Stash Jar BWG

5. Storage- Something to keep your weed in! Re using the containers you get from the dispensary is always a fantastic option. If you find yourself needing something bigger, a stash jar is the way to go! There are other alternatives to a glass jar as well. 


Toker Poker

 6. Poker- Toker pokers are a great alternative to your standard bowl poker, they are essentially a lighter case with the poker attachment. There are lot's of fun colors they come in as well! Adding a little convivence and style to your lighter is never a bad idea. 

 Clean your bong

7. Cleaning materials!- This one is pretty obvious, and we aren't here to recommend a name brand cleaner. Just good old salt and ISO. We have a blog and YouTube video on how to best use those to clean your bong! There are a lot of opinions, tips and tricks out there. Whatever you do, just clean your bong often! 

 Rolling Tray

8. Rolling Tray- Unless you like picking up tiny pieces of ground up nug from your carpet, grab a rolling tray! They are very handy for rolling, loading a bowl, and keeping your extras on for when you come back for seconds. Makes it a lot less irritating when something spills overs! Plus, you can sit back with it on your lap and do it more casually. 

 Junneart ash tray

9. Ashtray- These are necessary to have laying around, if you are a frequent smoker, I'm sure you've found yourself with a joint in hand and no where to put it out. We've all been there, but having a few options for this, can completely eliminate this problem. It's also a great thing to add a little personalization to your collection! There are so many kinds, from handmade, to high quality metals or wood! 

Mystery boxes

10. Mystery boxes- If you are new to the smoking world and just want to have a full kit made up and brought right to your doorstep, there's an option for that! We offer a variety of mystery boxes on our site! It's pretty cool because each one is hand picked by us based on the amount you select. Give us a chance to get you set up with the perfect kit! 

 We also have a YouTube video showing off each product: 

Thanks friends, and happy smoking! 

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