The Best Weed Strains For Smoking From a Glass Bong

There are over 700 different weed strains available today. 

Most people have heard of the difference between Sativa and Indica strains, but knowing the difference between the two is just the finest tip of the iceberg. 

If you're a new smoker, understanding the strain types is difficult. Certain strains are good for relaxing and getting creative while others are best before a long, hectic day at work. Some people even select their strains based on what they're using to smoke them. 

Are you wondering about the best weed strains for glass bongs? Don't worry because we have you covered in the guide below. 

Why Use a Glass Bong?

Some long-time smokers prefer the classic method of getting high by smoking rolled joints. Others prefer the more modern route of using a glass bong. 

The glass water bong is perfect for a smoker who prefers a smoother hit. Thanks to the water used within a bong, the dry heat that's created while smoking a joint is eliminated. 

And while using a bong doesn't eliminate all of the chemical compounds and carcinogens created while smoking, it's a much cleaner method than rolling one up. 

Are you wanting to get more out of your hits? Smoking weed through a glass bong delivers longer rips and more intense highs than what you'll get with a joint. 

How to Use a Bong

Before we start exploring different types of marijuana strains, let's discuss how to use a bong. There's no shame in not knowing what to do!

You'll first want to make sure the glass bong you're using is squeaky clean. This provides a clean hit. Most people use water and isopropyl alcohol to clean their pieces. 

Next, grind up your herb with a grinder. Grinding up the weed allows you to get more enjoyment out of the herb, just like grinding up a spice allows for better flavors when cooking. Who wants to eat an entire sprig of rosemary?

Remove the bowl, and fill your bong with water. Remember the water acts as a filter and is a crucial ingredient when smoking from a bong. 

Pack your bowl, and set the bowl in its proper place. Light the herb in the bowl, and start sucking the smoke into the chamber. Depending on the type of bong you're using, you'll now either uncover the carb or gently lift up the downstem. 

Inhale the smoke and hold it in for a few seconds. Exhale the smoke with force. Sit back and relax. 

Different Types of Strains

As you're experimenting with different marijuana strains, it's important to know the major types. This will help you make more informed decisions about what's best for you and your bong. 

Are you looking for an uplifting high? Try Sativa strains. Many Sativa-lovers describe these strains as a mental high-five, a warm hug, and a boost of serotonin. 

If you're looking for a more calming, sedative effect, you'll want to grab some Indica strains. These strains feel like a weighted blanket and often help with feelings of nervousness. Some smokers even use these strains to relieve body aches. 

For a mix between calming and energizing effects, use a hybrid strain. 

Chat with fellow smokers and weed dispensary employees about your options if you aren't sure where to start. And remember to always start slow to see how your body and mind react to new strains. 

The Best Weed Strains to Try

It's time to finally dive deeper into what strains are best with a glass bong. Keep in mind that whichever strain you use is ultimately up to personal preference!

Tangerine Dream

This strain won the Cannabis Cup in 2010, and it wasn't an accident.

Proceed with caution as you use this powerful strain because it could leave you sitting on your butt for hours. But if you nail the perfect dose, you'll feel at ease as you work throughout the day. 

The flavor is sweet and impactful. Many smokers turn to it for a morning boost because it delivers a rush of clarity and motivation. 

Kosher Kush

Are you looking for major relaxation? This is a strain for you. 

Average THC levels of Kosher Kush are around 25%, and it's known to be one of the most powerful Indica strains. Plenty of people with body aches, lingering feelings of sadness, and extreme nervousness turn to this strain to relax after a long day. 

It's known to be very tasty and is enjoyed by many. Just make sure you don't have any other plans for the evening before using it!

Ghost Train Haze

Don't let the 'haze' part of the name fool you. This popular strain delivers the exact opposite effect of Kosher Kush. 

This energizing strain has a fair amount of THC that helps fight the loss of appetite and sadness. If you deal with jitters and nervousness, you might want to steer clear of this strain. Too high of a dose can leave a user feeling paranoid. 

Smoking the perfect dose of this strain will leave you feeling creative, insightful, and motivated. It's perfect for completing creative projects. 

Gas and Glass: Using Your New Piece

Did you purchase a new glass bong that you're dying to try? It's only fair you use one of the best weed strains available for your first experience on your new piece. 

Decide whether you're trying to relax or energize your mind. This will help guide your strain decisions. Check out the above-mentioned strains for specific suggestions. 

Explore the rest of the site to purchase your new favorite smoking piece. We offer everything from glass bongs to exclusive hand pipes. Surprise yourself with a mystery box if you're indecisive. 

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