Top 10 Best Bongs of 2021 According to you! - With Links to Buy

Hello, all you glorious glass enthusiasts! Welcome to the Brothers With Glass Top 10 Bongs list. From the flashy to the affordable, this list has something for everyone you can scoop right here on the BWG site. I know what you’re thinking. “What’s wrong with my old dirty bong?” Well, if you want to keep living in the not so stoned ages, nothing. However, for those of you interested in the best of the best and leaving the rest with Jeff (Sorry, Jeff), keep reading to check out some pieces that will have you crowned King (or Queen) of your next Sesh!

#1 ZOB Glass 110mm 18 Inch Straight Bong

 Fat bottom bongs. They really do make the rockin’ world go round, don’t they? I might be misremembering those lyrics, but one thing nobody could ever forget is this beauty of a bong. With 5mm thick walls and a 6-inch gridded down stem for maximum percolation, your lungs will be in love with this ZOB masterpiece after your very first rip. At 18 inches tall, this coffee table toke machine is always ready for another bowl. It also has a wide base so those clumsy lightweight friends of yours will have a harder time knocking it over.  

#2 Glowfly Glass Colored Warped Neck Bubble Bottom Bong

 Say that five times fast. Wow, I was just kidding but good job. Now that you’re back, check out this dope little American-made bong that won’t break the bank. Times are tough for lots of people right now. That shouldn’t mean that your glass (or lungs) should suffer. This little gem from Glowfly Glass is the perfect budget piece to get the job done and look cool while you’re doing it. With a standard round bottom design, it’s got a familiar feel but with the added convenience of the warped neck so you’re less likely to catch any splash back. 

#3 HVY Glass 10 Inch Clear Straight Bong

 When it comes to heavy hitters (pun intended) HVY Glass is a monster in the market for good reason. Their quality is top notch. HVY also makes a bunch of other designs with beautiful colors, one of which we’ll talk about later in this list (spoiler alert). Their straight tube bongs like this one have amazing function. Smooth hits every time. Plus, they look pretty sweet. This one is only ten inches tall, but it has a commanding presence. It kind of screams out to you “Smoke with me!” In fact, mine is calling out to me as I’m writing this. Now if only I could find my lighter. 


#4 Goo Roo Designs Tiny Bong

 Here we have another amazing budget piece, or as I like to call them, pinch hitters. This sweet little thing comes to us from the talented artists over at Goo Roo Designs. It’s small, and it comes in a few different colors including clear, green, and blue. It sits at about 6 to 8 inches tall and is the perfect tiny bong for travel or bringing with you to events like back yard barbeques (stay safe). One of the beautiful things about hand-crafted works of art such as this is that each one is unique. If you have been looking for a sweet little budget piece that also won’t take up much space in the crib, look no further. 


#5 Chameleon Glass Lustre Mini Beaker Bong

Don’t want to spend all of your money but still want a rad little piece to show off? You, my friend, have found what you are looking for. This sweet little mini beaker from Chameleon Glass is as beautiful as it is functional. Sitting at 7 inches tall, this American-made bong is available in three different colors. Each one shines and glistens brighter than the last. The only tough choice here is which one to get. My suggestion, all 3! 


#6 No Label Glass 8 Inch Beaker Bong with Color Accents

No Label Glass has been and continues to offer quality glass for prices people can actually afford for a good while now. While this piece likely won’t win any awards on looks alone, it does come with a few color options and it hits like a beast. At the end of the day, sometimes you just need something quality to smoke out of and don’t care about all the frills. For those on a budget, this piece cannot be beat!


#7 Goo Roo Designs Tater Tot Lean Back Bong

Goo Roo Designs is at it again with this super unique looking Tater Tot Lean Back Bong style. Like a couch potato bong, but smaller. Too cute! Don’t feel like getting up or even sitting up? Not a problem. Just scoop one of these bad boys and keep that terrible posture rocking! Seriously though, you should probably work on your posture. LATER! Because right now it’s time for another tater tot hit!


#8 HVY Glass Mini Fumed Genie Double Bubble Bong

 Remember earlier when I told you… No? You don’t remember anything at all? Great. Anyway, check out this sweet Genie style bong from HVY Glass. They have some super high-quality color work in these pieces. Each one of them is a unique, one of a kind work of art made right here in the good old US of A. Want to learn more about HVY Glass or buy one of these beauties for yourself (or a friend)? 

#9 Glowfly Glass 9 Inch Fumed and Wrapped Beaker Bottom Bong

Once again, we visit Glowfly Glass along the way through this list. That can only mean one thing. They make quality products at affordable prices. This fumed beaker bong is no different. With a beautifully wrapped fuming design, this thing will turn heads as well as change them. Glowfly Glass is definitely a go to for quality glass that won’t empty your wallet. Want to check out more details or see more of what Glowfly has to offer? 

#10 Blowfish Glassworks 24K Gold Fumed Bubble Bottom Zong

Hold onto your hats, boys and girls. What? No, I can see that you’re not wearing a hat. It’s just an expression. Anyway, you made it to the end of the list! Congrats! As a prize, check out this sweet Zong by Blowfish Glassworks. It comes in unique colors due to the highly artistic fuming with gold and silver. Each piece is unique and comes with a Z shaped design for maximum capacity. No baby lungs here.

There you guys have it. The top Ten Bongs you can scoop right here at Brothers With Glass. Didn’t find what you were looking for here? Not to worry. This is just a small sample of the glass we currently have for sale. There is something for everyone here at BWG! 

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