brothers with glass

This business was started with the intention of providing the best value for what you get! Along with creating an awesome, easy going space to buy glass and accessories! We have branched out into offering so many different types of glass, lot's of heady and high end glass included. Making Brothers with glass a dankstop to buy the next item for your collection! 

Speaking of collections lets take a look at some of our favorite items! 

C2 Custom Creations bong

C2 Custom Creations is one of our favorites here in the shop, they have some amazing pieces in regards to both color and function! I mean just look at em, they're attention grabbers for sure! Ordering one of these bad boys means you will earn some serious points with your friends and fellow stoners. 

Buckle up! You will soon realize why we are such a dankstop to get all your glass and any other stoner essentials you might need! 


Dabbers anyone? If you like to rip the sweet nectar that this beautiful earth gave us the ability to create, this is the place to get the tools to do so! Never use your bare hands to dab again! Haha here's to hoping you've never actually done that.

Chameleon Glass Dabber

We have all shapes and sizes of dabbing tools, want a samurai sword, hand carved maple wood, light saber, narwhal, or hand beaded and twisted wire?! We've got it all, come take a look if you don't believe me, I dare you... this is my way of getting you to click on the pretty picture to buy something cool. 


Next on our list of convincing you that we are the absolute most dankstop for all your smoking needs, we have Liberty 503 Glass! They have some amazing hand pipes that come in every theme you can think of! If you are a dead head, like bats for some reason, or basically anything else, there is a hand pipe for you here.

Liberty 503 Glass

Did I mention dinosaurs, astronauts or the Illuminati? Don't worry, we got you covered there too! Take your pick of hand pipes that will most definitely impress you with their craftsmanship. We have some vibrant colors and some more chill tones to go with whatever theme speaks to you. Liberty glass is Oregon made, and we can personally vouch for the quality of these dope spoons!


If you have any friends, here is a great way to indulge in some sweet bud, together as a group! If not, you could try using all four hoses yourself! Just kidding, for legal reasons, we don't advise you to do that...


 A hookah bong from Goo Roo Designs is a cool way to make your place the dank stop for a smoke sesh, sit this bad boy on your table and watch the stoners roll in! It makes for an awesome experience of staring into your friend's eyes while all sucking out of a hose together, nothing better than that right?! Having plenty of travel, a hit from this monster is kind of insane. Your lungs will appreciate the travel and coolness of the clouds that come from this bong. 

 Brothers with glass Goo Roo Hookah

If you're not into that, we have some more chill stuff for you to look at, if you love smoking Mary jane as much as we do, then you'll love...well...Mary Jane!

Mary Jane's Glass

Take a gander at these lovely bongs! The color and style will not disappoint, these are the perfect, simple daily driver to have around. Mary Jane's glass is local to the PNW and is family owned just like us! We might be biased, but family owned is the way to go if you want the best care and value for what you buy! There is just that little bit of extra love that goes into each order when you buy from a family owned business. 

 Moral of the story here is that, no matter what kind of crazy gizmo or practical smoking tool you're looking for we've probably got it! 


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