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Bent Glassworks 16 In Orbitz Schott Glass Water Pipe


Bent Glassworks 16 In Orbitz Schott Glass Water Pipe Height: 16.00 InPerc: OrbitzSlide: 18mm Screen bowlGlassThickness: 5mm Artist: Bent GlassworksMade in California
C2 Custom Creations Internal Recycler Water Pipe

$398.00 $310.00

Height: 15.00 " Base: 4.00 " Joint: 18mmSlide: 18mm Perc: NaturalPerc 2: Internal recyclerGlass Thickness: 5mm Artist: C2 Custom CreationsMade in California
JM Flow Fat Can Inline to Crystal Ball Perc Water Pipe


Height: 17.5"Dish: 5.50"Downstem: FixedPerc 1: Inline (Gridded all around)Perc 2: Crystal Ball Joint: 18mmSlide: 18mm Ice Pinches: NoGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist: JM Flow GlassMade in California
Mountain Jam Glass Flower Beaker Water Pipe - Teal and Red


This pipe features a really cool red flower on the back of the beaker and a matching 14mm slide. It also has red dot work and teal lines around the flower and at the mouth piece. Multiple hole poke downstem ensures you get a smooth hit but if you want a cooler...
Mountain Jam Glass Teal Wig Wag Sherlock Bubbler Water Pipe


This bubbler features multiple crazy wig wag sections all throughout the pipe. It has an encased opal right below the bowl on the front of the pipe. This pipe will impress even the most seasoned glass collector! Height: 6.00"Slide: Push bowlArtist: Mountain Jam GlassMade in Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Wig Wag Dewar Sherlock Bubbler Water Pipe


This bubbler features a 14mm dewar joint and matching wag wag slide. It has three beautiful wig wag sections and a multiple hold poke downstem. This pipe wold work great as a dab rif or bong.  Height: 7.00"Joint: 14mmslide: 14mmPerc: multiple hole pokeArtist: Mountain Jam GlassMade in Oregon

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