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C2 Custom Creations 65mm Showerhead to Ratchet Bong With Heady Color Accents


An excellent bong with an incredible double circ perc that shreds the bubbles! This pipe features a 18mm joint and a 65mm can size. C2 custom creations provides affordable bongs with great quality and that's what they do best! C2 Custom creation uses premium colors mostly from Trautman art glass, PDX tubing...
Empire Glassworks Coconut Colada Dab Rig


Joint: 14mmArtist: Empire GlassworksMade In California
Empire Glassworks East Australian Current Mini Recycler Dab Rig


The dudes from finding Nemo are cruising through this rig!  Joint: 14mm Artist: Empire GlassworksMade In California
Empire Glassworks Hootie's Tree Bong

$330.00 $310.00

 This Owl is the keeper of your nugs, you must smoke them fast or it will eat them! Joint: 14mm Artist: Empire GlassworksMade In California
Empire Glassworks UV Reactive Succulent Bong

$400.00 $310.00

A rig for the natural green thumb who likes function and fashion! Joint: 14mmSize: 12"Artist: Empire GlassworksMade In California
Goo Roo Designs Electroplated Bong

$320.00 $304.00

A nice Peeled look to this bong gives a very rustic look to this bubble bottom bong! Height: 10.50"Base: 4.50"Joint: 18mmPerc: Multiple Hole Poke Downstem Artist: Goo Roo DesignsMade In Oregon
JM Flow Fat Can Inline to Crystal Ball Perc Water Pipe


Height: 17.5"Dish: 5.50"Downstem: FixedPerc 1: Inline (Gridded all around)Perc 2: Crystal Ball Joint: 18mmSlide: 18mm Ice Pinches: NoGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist: JM Flow GlassMade in California

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