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Mountain Jam Glass Mini Fumed Lazy Boy Bong

from $42.95

Sweet little bong for a Netflix kind of night! Bring it anywhere you go and admire the hit that a lazyboy can provide you! Height: 4.25 "Base: 2.25 " Artist: Mountain GlassMade In Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Color Dot Hand Pipe


Fully colored pipes with color dots gives you a nice unique looks to each pipe. Made here in Oregon you can't go wrong!Size: 3.75" (long) x 1.50" (wide)Large sized bowlArtist: Mountain Jam GlassMade in Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Color Wrapped Frit Hand Pipe


A different take on frit pipes, these have a unique wrap around the mid section for an extra value of taste for colorful pipe lovers! The architecture has resemblance of the highest quality spoons being made out there today. Length: 4.50 "Height: 1.75 " Artist: Mountain GlassMade In Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Sherlock Spiked and Fumed Hand Pipe


Another pipe straight from outer planet! These pipes seriously remind me of the "Pillars of Creation"! The spikes are rounded and the sherlock style fits right in your hands. Carb hole color will vary, see pictures for example. Size: 5.00" (long) x 2.50" (widest point) x 5.25" (tall)Large sized bowlArtist: Mountain...
Mountain Jam Glass Fumed Dagger Sherlock Hand Pipe


It's not everyday that you come across a Dagger Sherlock let alone ones as pretty as these! Very classy and slim, they also balance on their own marbles! Marbles and carb hole colors will vary.  Length: 5.50 "Height: 2.75 " Artist: Mountain GlassMade In Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Wrapped and Raked Over White Hand Pipe


These twisted pipes are fun too look at and sturdy to the touch! For those who like solid colors with raking over white, this is a perfect pipe for you! Length: 4 "Height: 1.50 " Artist: Mountain GlassMade In Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Cut And Grind Pattern Over Frit Hand Pipe


Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos but there will be slight artistic variations. These pipes have a unique cut and grind pattern over the frit that gives it a spectacular look to...
Mountain Jam Glass 18mm Wig Wag Slide


Slides for WigWaggers who likes having an extra little handle from the heat that one put through this bowl! Height: 2.75 "Joint: 18mm Male Artist: Mountain GlassMade In Oregon

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