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Darth Silicate Peachy Wig Wag Mini Jammer Dab Rig

$240.00 $189.00

Well isn't this rig peachy? It is, it really is! Nice reclaim saver for you and no water splash! Joint: 10mmDownstem: FixedPerc: Three Hole PokeHeight: 4.70"Base: 3"Width: 3.5" ( at widest point ) Artist: Darth SilicateMade In Oregon
HVY Glass Color Coiled Bent Neck Water Pipe - Orange

$97.95 $88.16

Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos but there will be slight artistic variations. Height: 8.00 " Base: 3.00 " Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mm Perc: Gridded downstemGlass Thickness: 5mm Artist: HVY GlassMade in California
Mountain Jam Glass Encalmo Frit Banger Hanger Dab Rig - Blue and Orange

$275.00 $247.50

Mountain jam glass offers these awesome encalmo teal, blue, and orange frit banger hangers with matching bowl! The two hole poke offers efficient diffusion while still keeping the flavor. This pipe would work for a bong or dab rig and is made right here in Oregon. Scoop one of these...
Mountain Jam Glass Wig Wag Mini Tube Water Pipe

$450.00 $315.00

This piece features awesome wig wag and reversal sections paired with a matching slide to finish it off. This pipe will impress anyone who comes to shesh! Height: 9.00" Artist: Mountain Jam GlassMade in Oregon

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