Best Bong Brands of 2020 - A BWG Review

So you’ve been watching countless Instagram videos of people taking huge rips from their awesome bongs and you feel like you want to join the club. You’re not alone. Many of us hear the soothing sound of bubbles or smell sweet clouds of sticky icky floating by and feel the exact same way. The question is, where to begin? Do you want a monster six-footer to impress the homies with your lung capacity? Maybe you’re looking for something a bit smaller for personal use or travel. Whatever your unique smoking needs are, it’s a safe bet to research some of the popular brands that focus on what you’re looking for. But who has the time for that? Not you, that’s for sure. You’re a busy stoner with shows to watch and munchies to munch, so we did it for you!

HVY Glass Bongs

First up, let’s look at HVY Glass. Proudly made right here in the U.S.A. (South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA) HVY Glass is no lightweight contender in the bong world. They offer any style of bong you can imagine. From beakers to bubble bottoms and straight tubes, they do it all. Another interesting thing about HVY Glass is their style. They combine fume work, color and intricate, fused marbles to create a look that’s uniquely their own. They also have a more scientific line of glass that focuses on functionality over aesthetics, but they still look just as rad. As if that weren’t enough, they also offer pipes, dabbers, jars, and all kinds of other heady accessories you can scoop to complete your set.

Glowfly Glass Bongs

Up next, let’s shine a light on the world of Glowfly Glass. Glowfly makes the perfect bongs for the stoner looking to save some cash while still scooping a functional work of art. Most of their pieces are priced under $100. They offer classic styles as well as some with a twist, like their line of warped neck bongs. This design seems like it’s about the same height as a regular bong. However, the bends in the neck make clearing these beasts feel like two standard bong rips! Where they really steal the show is their dedication to quality. From classic styles to modern mash-ups with old school inspiration, Glowfly has been cranking out gold since 2007. Their work has only continued to improve since then. If you’re looking for a quality bong on a budget, Glowfly shines brighter than the rest.

Liberty 503 Glass

Let’s jump right into the next brand because I am particularly excited about this one. Liberty 503 is a unique glass brand. They focus on cold work glass. For those who don’t know, cold working is a process that involves the use of multiple techniques such as engraving, sandblasting, cutting, and polishing after the glass has already cooled. This style makes it possible for the glass to have a textured feel that adds a three-dimensional element to the art. The hand-carved look and feel of these pieces makes them absolutely one of a kind. While these pieces may sit a bit higher on the price range, the work that goes into the detail makes them worth every penny and then some.

Chameleon Glass Hand PIpes

Climb slowly down off of that branch and check out Chameleon Glass. Wait, where did you go? Oh, good, You’re still here. I couldn’t see you because you blended in. Not to worry, with a new piece from Chameleon Glass the last thing you’re going to do is blend in. Have you ever wanted to smoke through a pug or possibly a dragon? Chameleon has got you. Always wanted a bong with a miniature storm trooper helmet inside? Also not an issue. They also make more standard bubble bottom and beaker bongs. Some clear glass and some color worked, even a few with UV colors. Another awesome thing about Chameleon Glass is they also make tons of cool hand pipes and spill proof bubbler pipes too! No matter what your stoner needs, you can find what you need with Chameleon.

ZOB Glass

Finally, we’re going to take a look at Zob Glass. Zob is immensely popular in the world of bongs today. They can be found in just about every head shop in store or online. For good reason, too. They make quality products that people seem to really love. They also offer a pretty wide variety of glass to choose from, so picking that perfect piece may take a little extra time. Don’t rush it, man. Good things come to those who wait. They carry tons of straight tube and beaker bongs for basic collectors, but they have some more heady pieces too. Their dab rigs range in style from basic mini beakers to more unique designs like bent neck, wide bottom bottles and vertical sphere bubblers. Generally speaking, they cover all the bases of stoner needs.

This brings us to the “Honorable Mention” portion of this piece. The brands listed above are some of the best the glass game has to offer a person seeking to buy a quality bong in today’s market. However, there are some other brands worth mentioning for one reason or another, so, here they are in no particular order:

C2 Custom Creations Glass is another “bases covered” type of glass brand. With a wide range of sizes, heights, and colors they carry a product for whatever kind of smoker or dabber you might happen to be. Their prices vary, but most of their products are more than reasonably priced. Paired with strict quality control you are sure to find a pipe that will fit all your needs!

Goo Roo Glass is a super well-rounded glass brand. Whether you want a bubbler, a standard bong or dab rig, or something a bit more heady or scientific, Goo Roo has the goods. These pieces will have you jumping for joy, especially when you see the prices!

Kush Scientific Glass has everything for the scientific style glass lover. Clear glass, with visual function and uniformity. If you are a lover of function, this is the brand for you. Stacks on stacks without having to spend racks on racks.

There you have it. Whether you want a big ripper or a modest daily driver, the brands listed in this piece are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for. Maybe you think a HVY Glass beaker with UV Illuminati glass is for you. Perhaps a funny avocado dab rig is more up your alley. Or maybe you still need to do some more research before you settle on that glorious addition to your glass collection. Either way, we hope the info in this piece helps you secure the bong of your dreams.

What are your favorite glass brands of 2020?




I enjoyed this article.
So many creative solutions and artists
out there making beautiful glassworks.
My personal favorite is Bougie Glass.
The thick glass, functional designs and ease of use are why I purchase Bougie!

Erica Belligiere

Erica Belligiere

Awesome write up. Thanks for the education and for opening up our eyes to some talented artists. I found some new favorites . Also I didn’t know about cold glass techniques. I’ve seen the beautiful details ,they are quite beautiful.
Best regards,
Erica Belligiere

Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

Damn I wanted to see specialk on the list !

Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

Every brand is unique and glass is something that everyone will find something they like! Needs me a new piece!!

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