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Grace and Frankie Show

Instead of flipping through Netflix tonight, check out this hilarious show on Netflix called Grace and Frankie. This show is about two unlikely best friends and their families life journeys. The eventual friends happened to be pushed together through some wild and unusual circumstances. Lily Tomlin plays Frankie and Grace is played by the amazing Jane Fonda. There was one particular episode featuring a HVY Glass bong scene that did not go unnoticed. Mainly because more often than not I find myself criticizing the bong or pipe choices.

HVY Bong Grace and Frankie

In this dynamic duo, Graces sage advice, as she puts it, generally goes in one ear and out the other when it comes to her roommate and friend, Frankie. Just as Grace was offering more advice, Frankie puts it perfectly to Grace, I listened to you, and did the exact opposite. If you have not seen an episode of this show yet, it is worth a little peep. The cast and crew is slightly older, but I consider it to be one of those great shows with the perfect combo of friends who happen to be complete opposites. Providing you with enough comedy and drama to have everyone clicking next episode.

To set the scene, we have Frankie with her PJ’s, rasta beanie and a bong. This is a lady who recently discovers why she just couldn’t pass her drivers test after several failed attempts. Each time she practiced at home, that beautiful curly haired hippie fired up her HVY Glass Genie Double Bubble Bong to relax her mind enough to be in a stress-free mode. Which everyone knows that is not the vibe at the dmv. I noticed the bong and recognized the art immediately, as they are well-known functional glass artists among the glass community. So after another pull off of her red coiled, flared mouthpiece, fumed and color coordinated pipe, Frankie starts a conversation with Grace about her drivers test. She seemed to remembered something she learned in a college class at Berkeley that might help her pass the drivers test, finally. After Grace jokingly doubts her having gone to college. Frankie goes on to explain that they called it state dependent learning. Basically saying that the best way to pass a difficult test is by recreating the exact state you were in when you studied for it. So, after great thought, Frankie follows her own advice and throws on her Rasta beanie and pulls out her color filled zen maker and prepares for the test in true stoner style. It all makes sense since the stories all show a genie bottle granting wishes and this pipe’s magic is no different.

Grace and Frankie bong

The bubbly shape of this colorful borosilicate glass pipe creates that big bubble chugging for that naturally satisfying drag. You can hear the flutter as the bubbles push and pop in the curvy bubble bottom shape. The removable gridded downstem provides easy cleaning abilities and optimal filtration. For years, we’ve seen, and been disappointed by the many prop pipes and bongs in movies and tv shows that depict a less than accurate representation of a quality piece. This functional glass art was hand blown in California, which happens to be where the show is filmed and based in. Frankie is the type to appreciate a locally sourced artistic bong to consume her favorite herbal remedy.

The art on these fantastic creations are more than what meets the eye. The natural colors of teals, fumed earth tones and bright reds and oranges create a comforting display of zen like vibes. It’s no wonder Frankie chose a HVY Glass pipe for their American made quality and artistic value, it’s a good decision in her favor. Local California glass blowing artists put together lovely color combinations and each one is uniquely assembled like a painting. Adding fuming also keeps the pipe new throughout time because the more and longer you smoke from it the colors will shift slightly by enhancing future use.


Frankie smoking joint

HVY Glass has always been one of my favorite companies for many years. They clearly work on enhancing quality with their creative styles, while not changing what works. Function and form at its finest with a HVY Glass genie double bubble bong.

This is not the first time HVY Glass has been in the media and surely won’t be the last. You might remember that bright yellow tree perc beaker bong from Ted 2. This pipe is made by the same great company and coiled vibrant colors. Making sure this amazing stoner community gets excited about seeing a smoke scene for our future generations of supreme glass connoisseurs.  


Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

Idk grace or Frankie but I like the piece.



Holy Shnikeys this is Awesome! 🤯

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