Top 10 Best Bongs of 2020 - Our Comprehensive List of Popular Water Pipes

1: Zob Glass 110mm 18 inch Straight Bong

With Zob’s long standing history there is no surprise to see them on a top bong list. This bong has a massive 110mm chamber and stands at 18 inches tall. A modern blend of the chug from a beaker and the quick clearing that you get with a straight. This pipe is sturdy and durable making it a great daily driver while giving you good diffusion. Another perk is that it’s easy to clean which is important for a pipe you use everyday. Zob has been in the industry for a long time and there is a reason they are around today. They provide quality bongs and dab rigs that will last a lifetime! You can’t go wrong with this bong!

2: Goo Roo Designs Tater Tot Lean Back Bong

The goo roo tater tot is the ultimate lounging bong. Its unique shape allows it to lay on its side without spilling any water. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and color combos so there is something for everyone! Made here in Oregon they are something your friends at a shesh are going to be asking to try. Or if you're in a lazy mood you can turn on your favorite Netflix show and cozy up with your bong. Either way you won't be disappointed!

3: Chameleon Glass Lustre Mini Beaker Bong

Up next is one of chameleon glass’s most popular bongs! The lustre mini bongs are gold and silver fumed bongs giving each one a unique look! These bongs are great for traveling or if you just need something that can be easily stored away. Coming in three different colors they stand around 7 inches tall with a 9mm grommeted slide; it provides a smoother hit than a dry pipe but is just as easy to transport! Great full color bong that is from a trustworthy company!

4. HVY Glass 10 In Clear Straight Bong

HVY Glass is another one of those companies that have been around since the early 2000’s so you know that it has a proven track record. The 10 inch clear straight bong is a staple in anyone's collection. Classic clear straight bong with removable downstem and 14mm slide, these pipes speak for themselves. Great beginner bong or just if you're looking for some variety in your collection. This bong is easy to clean and can be stored away when needed. One of the best features of this bong is the affordability, this is a solid bong that anyone can afford!

5. Glowfly Glass Colored Double Warped Neck Round Bottom Bong

The Glowfly Glass double warped neck round bottom bong is the perfect pairing of style and affordability. Made in Arizona this bong takes inspiration from the classic zong style and puts their own twist on it. This pipe is 8 inches tall but the two warped sections on the neck allows for the smoke to cool down or for when you want those big hits! A great small bong for the price and available in three different colors!

6. Goo Roo Designs Tiny Bong

With tiny in the name you can guess this pipe is one of the smaller bongs we carry. They have a multi hole poke downstem that provides great diffusion while the simple shape makes them extremely durable. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose which one fits your style best. These are some of the most affordable American made bongs out there. Especially if you like to hike or be outdoors you can pretty much take this anywhere!

7. C2 Custom Creations 50mm ratchet bubbler bong

This next bubbler is made by C2 Custom Creations in California. Since 2006 C2 has been making high functioning scientific glass that is consistent and durable. The 50mm ratchet perc bubbler bong is no exception. It does a great job of diffusion paired with minimal drag and a free flowing 14mm screened slide this piece gives great airflow while smoking. The bent neck gives you a good view of your bowl and the thick base fits nicely in your hand. C2 has excellent quality control ensuring every pipe is made up to their standards. With an affordable price and great function this pipe is a great choice for any level of smoker!

8. HVY Glass Mini Genie Double Bubble Bong

Here we have another HVY Glass bong. This mini genie double bubbler is a retro bong that has elegant and sharp curves that leaves you feeling nostalgic. The mini genie bong comes in a variety of styles and colors. If you are looking for fuming and color accents we got you, if you want one with waves we have it, even if you are looking for your favorite color with a little coiled fuming on top we have those too. The great thing about this bong is that it will catch the eye of even the most experienced smoker and it won't go out of style!

9. Mary Jane's Glass 14 Inch Color Coiled And Fumed Beaker Bong

Mary Jane’s Glass is a company out of Washington that produces a wide range of pipes, dab rigs, and bongs. The 14 inch color coiled and fumed bong is a customer favorite! These pipes are fumed and coiled color on the beaker base and at the top of the mouthpiece. It’s a classic beaker shape that is a great choice for anyone. The unique ice pinch also acts as a splash guard keeping any unwanted water out of your mouth. A 14/18mm removable gridded downstem makes this pipe easy to clean so you can get back to smoking! These come in a wide range of colors that is sure to fit anyone's style!

10. Zob Glass 18 In Straight Gridded Inline Bong

Last but definitely not least for the top 10 bongs list is the Zob Glass gridded inline. This pipe takes the inline perc and adds glass string perpendicular to the cut slits adding massive amounts of diffusion. Standing at 18 inches tall with a 18mm joint it's a heavy hitter. The dome splash guard will keep any water from getting in your mouth even with the highest water levels. The 65mm tubing provides ample room for any size of hit. It goes into 44mm for the mouthpiece making the pipe comfortable while smoking. The straight foot keeps the pipe stable and the reinforced joint makes this a very sturdy bong. This pipe is a perfect for a daily driver that will last you forever! 




I will take one of each. Thank you!

Tina Morgan

Tina Morgan

Such beautiful pieces.. I prefer water pipes over any other type of smoking paraphernalia.. Next time I’m in the market for a new piece.. I know where to look.

Timothy Griffith

Timothy Griffith

The top choices for bongs here are stupendous😉😉
Great choices!!
Timothy Griffith

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