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Keith Haring was a young American artist well known for his street-inspired art, his spontaneous drawings in New York City subways that included chalk outlines of figures, dogs, and other stylized images on solid backgrounds. He was very good at using fashion and products to connect his works to a very different, worldwide audience.  A vibrant visionary who used broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion, Haring united New York City street culture with pop art to create his own iconic visual language that continues to engage and excite.

 The full line up includes the beaker bong, dab rig, bubbler, hand pipe, and chillum! and combine both modern form and function with Keith Haring's iconic style of art.  


The K. Haring beaker bong is twelve inches tall and features artwork around the neck that is available in both a colorful or black and white theme. Next, you will find an ice catch so if you should want to you can fill up the neck of the water pipe with ice insuring a really cool hit. And if you happen to have access to snow during the winter months this type of ice catch works really good for snow hits! With style and flair, the beaker base has a nice shape with a very heavy base that not only makes the pipe feel very sturdy and durable to allows for more amazing work from Haring. To cool things down this bong features a showerhead downstem with a glass on glass joint that is 14mm. The water pipe ships with a matching case for easy storage or travel! 

k, haring glass bong


Next up we have the K. Haring Dab Rig from the collection. Coming in at nine and a half inches this set up features artwork on two locations. The smaller size works great for dabs and the turbine perc ensures you get a flavorful hit each time. Included with the rig is a quartz banger and matching clear carb cap. The banger and cap both have a very unique shape that seems to be exclusive to this design. This water pipe also includes a matching box that fits the rig perfectly for safe storage or transport. 

k haring glass dab rig 


The bubbler is the third water pipe in this offering. Falling right in line this bubbler boasts two spots for some cool artwork to display. Making it a great travel bubbler it measures in at six inches tall and has a really cool showerhead perc that does a great job of filtering all the smoke for a cool hit from such a compact water pipe. The bubbler also includes a really cool box that ensures you can keep your new bubbler safe while not in use, looks great on display too! This push bowl bubbler can handle a good amount of water which allows the smoker several different smoking options, whether you like a perc with lots of drag or very little you can get either done with this bubbler. 

k haring bubbler

If you are looking for a dry pipe than the K. Haring Hand Pipe is a great pipe for the collection. This pipe measures a little over four inches long and has a really cool shape that is very unique and again allows for two locations for art to be displayed ensuring this is a pipe you will enjoy showing off to friends.  Also featuring a cool storage box that has some awesome artwork giving this pipe a really cool look when it's stored away! This hand pipe is nice and thick too. 




The final piece in the set is the ultimate travel pipe, the one hitter or chillum. With a nice full wrap-around band of artwork, this little pipe looks great and is easy to stash. Measuring in at three and a quarter inches it fits in the pocket nicely. This one also comes with a really cool storage box. 

k haring glass chillum

At Brothers with Glass we are always adding new exciting glass like the K. Haring Glass Collection and want to make sure that we offer you the best products from all over the world. We want you to be happy with your glass and we are here to help. Please reach out if you have any questions about this glass collection or anything else! 

k. haring glass bongs


Marie Benedett

Marie Benedett

I own the bubbler and the regular pipe. I need a replacement bowl for my pipe. Help. Please advise.

Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

Very classy !

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