Coolest Spots in Oregon For Stoners!
Coolest spots in oregon for stoners

We live in such a beautiful state, it is rich in nature and has endless places to explore. One of the great ways to experience these places is with weed! It can be hard to find the right spot to sesh with your friends, and there are a lot of factors in what makes a good smoke spot. We’ll go over spots all over Oregon, if you are interested in a list that is specific to the Portland area, check out our other blog post that talks about the Top 5 Smoke Spots Around Portland! 

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Brookings

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

This spot has some of the best views, it's totally breathtaking! About a 6hr drive from the Portland area, it’s very close to the California border in Brookings, OR. If you live in the southern area of Oregon, or are interested in a lovely road trip, this area offers some amazing photo opportunities, and lot’s of places to sit and roll a joint with some friends. It’s a wonderful date spot as well, the photo above doesn't show just how many little offshoots there are to find your own private picnic spot. The corridor itself has a long list of amazing spots to visit and getting there early in the day means you can explore plenty before sitting down in a safe area to enjoy a lovely sunset! We recommend taking something discreet and easily portable to place like this. There will most likely be a decent amount of other people and its a lot easier to carry something small like a hand pipe with you! It's important to have a case as well, you don't want to take a chance around all these rocks and water. 

Rowena Crest Viewpoint

Rowena crest

This is personally one of my favorite spots! It is a bit of a windy drive up to the viewpoint but once you reach it, you just park your car in the roundabout and walk for a few minutes to reach this amazing view of the Columbia River Gorge. I have spent a whole day exploring this area, and then spent half the night stargazing. Its got a few great hikes right near by, and lots of space to lay down a blanket and and sesh! Fair warning though, be careful near the main viewpoint spot, because there are no guardrails and its just a straight up cliff. It is also very windy, but that was one of the best parts! I opened my arms and kind of just let the wind lift me and I really felt like I was flying. Being intoxicated in these areas can be amazing but make sure you are a safe distance from any hazards! Depending on the time of year you come visit this spot you might feel comfortable bringing something with more filtration to your hang out! A sturdy bong would be ideal for this area. 

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon coast aquarium

If you aren't super into the woods or outdoors, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is the perfect vibe for you. You obviously cant smoke inside but no harm in taking an edible or smoking before hand! To keep things chill you can bring a vaporizer along with you on your adventure. Walking through here is such a cool experience, getting to watch the sea creatures right above and next to you while you're a little stoned is something that should definitely be added to your stoner bucket list. I recommend taking your time to walk through and really take in all the sea life. Then hop over to one of the local cafe's like Mollie's Food Lollie's for a cinnamon roll or a bowl of clam chowder, whatever your heart desires! 

Strawberry Lake

Strawberry Lake

This amazing spot is a bit of a drive unless you live near Prairie City, but it's totally worth it! Once you arrive, there is a hike to Strawberry Lake which is about 6.9 miles out and back. This is much more of a solid adventure into the wilderness! Take your time hiking through and you'll come out the other side at this amazing view pictured above. There is a perfect shot of Strawberry Mountain, and lot's of space to lay down a blanket, tie up a hammock, and even camp at the Strawberry Campground if you felt up to it. I personally find it hilarious that they just really took Strawberry and ran with it! This place seems to have some seriously immaculate vibes, and would definitely be an ideal area for you and your homies to sesh. 

Treehouse Treesort 


If you're looking for somewhere super unique to spend a few nights and get blasted with your friends, look no further! This is the Treehouse Treesort in Cave Junction, OR. This magical spot is near the California border and is a childhood dream come true! It sits near the Oregon redwoods, and has fifteen total treehouse available to reserve! Their website goes in depth and has video tours for each treehouse so you know what you're getting into. It's for sure somewhere to unwind and let your inner child out!

Here is a short, more condensed list of other places that are great to visit in Oregon if you're a stoner! 

Bend: This is a great place to go for all kinds of nature, and some great spots in the city. You have the Deschutes river, Smith Rock state park, the Cascade Byway offers some scenic views of Mt. Bachelor! It also has some great dispensaries scattered all around. 

Washington Park, Portland: There are many amazing spots to visit within this park! My personal favorites are Pittock Mansion, which has a spectacular view of Mt.hood and the whole city of Portland. Following that, the Japanese Gardens offer a Zen walk through some very unique nature, there are some really special bonsai plants and a super cool Koi pond! 

Sublimity: The main attraction in this small Oregon city is Silver Falls Park! It's hiking trail of 10 waterfalls makes it a day long adventure. It's been said that silver falls has the best display of waterfalls in the country! 

Enchanted Forest: This quirky little place in Turner, OR is absolutely crazy and you have to add it to your list of places to visit! It's very old and has some hilarious and artistic displays. They have fun plays that they put on during parts of the day, plenty of spots to eat and a lot of strange stuff to look at!  

That's all that is on our list for today! Whether you're traveling from out of state or trying to discover new places where you live, we hope this list will offer something new for you to try and we recommend bringing your stoner buddies along with you! 


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