Dry Herb Vaporizers
Dry Herb Vaporizers
The world of vaporizers can be intimidating with all the options out there! Today we’ll be talking specifically about Dry Herb Vaporizers. I go into the differences that set this type of vape apart from smoking, as well as a few in-depth questions from a stoner who switched to entirely vaping!
A dry herb vape uses a convection heating method as opposed to conduction heat which is most commonly used with bongs and hand pipes. If you don’t know the technical difference between the two, don’t kick yourself! I had no idea either but after some solid research, it's really interesting to know the way each of them works. Let’s break down the major differences;
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Convection: A method of heating that is accomplished by pulling hot air through the herb to create a vapor. This way of “cooking” your herb has been compared to the way a convection oven or air fryer cooks things! The point of convection is so that you avoid burning the herb directly. Theoretically, there is no direct contact between the heating element and the herb but it should be noted that in any small or handheld device using this heating method you’re guaranteed to have a very small amount of conduction. This is because the heat source tends to be a lot closer to the bowl where you’re weed goes. Regardless of that small amount, it’s still considered a convection method of smoking when you use a dry herb vape.

Conduction: This is heating your ganja directly through physical contact with a heat source. Since we’re using cooking as a comparison, think of this as something similar to when you cook things on an open flame, like a campfire! When you have something hitting the flame directly it has the same effect as using a lighter to smoke your bud.
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The main reason why convection has gained popularity and what I’ve personally found to be very interesting about it is how much more you get out of your marijuana! When you let the weed get heated up at a slower rate and at a lower temperature that is under much more control, you end up going through less bud. Using your lighter while smoking out of a bong for example, basically incinerates the weed, which can affect the experience you’re getting out of it! Taste is a huge component in using these types of vapes. Many have reported that because you aren’t burning away a large part of the terpenes, you can enjoy the rich flavor that marijuana has to offer.
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As long as we’re on the topic of experience, something to consider is the difference in the high you’ll feel using a dry herb vape. The high tends to be milder and has more of a body relaxation feel to it versus a head high. Now, this varies greatly depending on the person and the type of weed of course. You basically just won't feel as high from taking 4 solid hits as you would taking the same amount from a bong rip, which for some is a deal breaker and that’s understandable! It’s also a bit of a transition because initially, you won't feel like you’re getting a lot out of it, but time is your best friend while switching to smoking convection. Your tolerance will change and for some people, this is such a great option if you use weed to medicate, whether that’s pain or mental health, or both! It’s such a money saver at the end of the day. Not to mention, you can use your AVB (already vaped bud) to make cannabutter and edibles, because it still has so much left to it even after a lot of use. It doesn’t even usually turn black unless you use it to its very last hit.
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Let’s talk about lung health. Because of the lower temperature you heat it to, the vape that is inhaled won't take nearly as much of a toll on your throat and lungs. Weed isn’t inherently a dangerous thing to smoke by any means. It has just been shown that even though what you’re consuming is good for you, it doesn’t negate how smoking in general can wear down on your lung tissue over time. On the flip side of this, cannabis has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that have been known to soothe the lungs, so there is plenty to consider there!

So, I interviewed a stoner who switched completely from using a bong every day to solely using a vaporizer unless in some social situations. The main criteria he was initially looking for while doing research into which one to buy were; portability, convection, flavor, and affordability. Taking all these into consideration there were lots of great options available but he landed on the HR Rouge. There were plenty of runner-ups, including the Firefly 2+, and the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. At the end of the day it came down to price and prioritizing convection and portability, but any of these are a great way to go if you’re looking to invest in a quality way to smoke! The Arizer offers an amazing flavor experience and a great way to get the most from convection. While the Firefly is conduction it is still a great option for portability and might be better if you're looking for a similar high to smoking from glass. 
A few more questions I asked my interviewee were; How often do you use your HR Rouge? “I will occasionally still smoke out of a bong or bubbler if I’m in a smoke circle with friends. But overall, it has replaced smoking altogether.” How long does your weed last compared to using a glass piece? “It probably quadruples the amount of time weed lasts. There’s a big reason for that; when I burn a bowl, it’s turned to ash after one good hit. With a convection vape, the herb is cooked slowly over time and you can take many hits from the bowl as opposed to just one or two.” What do you like most about your vaporizer? “I really like the flavor that it creates, it gives a flavor profile you won't ever find while smoking. I also really enjoy the feel and look of it aesthetically, it’s very discreet and has a nice sleek design.”

Vaping doesn’t work for everyone’s needs, but it’s definitely worth a try! It’s always fun to explore new ways to experience your favorite strain. We hope you found this article helpful and maybe learned something new!

Thanks friends, happy smoking...or vaping! 😊

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